Hey! Here’s a wacky idea. Instead of assuming that God is incompetent and Vatican I and the declaration of the infallible dogma of Papal Infallibility was all a big mistake…

I look at all of the Trad Inc. parti$an$ and those under their ideological thumb attacking Vatican I and papal infallibility all day every day, and I just… can’t… even…

The completely irrational, prideful obtuseness on display from people with above-average IQs is just stunning.  And as you all know, I’m pretty jaded and don’t stun easily.

How can you POSSIBLY adopt the intransigent position that an infallible ecumenical council which declared dogma is “wrong”, and that the ENTIRE CHURCH FOR 2000 YEARS, every saint, every doctor of the Church, every orthodox believing Catholic from Kings to illiterate peasants – ALL OF THEM were not just wrong about the papacy, but were guilty of the sin of IDOLATRY with regards to the papacy?  Oh, and also, the words of the EXPLICIT PROMISE of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Gospels to Peter in the establishment and guarantee of special protection of the Papacy was either ERRONEOUS, LIES, or REVOCABLE?

Um, maybe instead of attacking the Papacy, and by immediate logical corollary Holy Mother Church AND Our Lord Jesus Christ, you might just pump ya brakes a little and ask yourself:

“I wonder if the Divine Providence had a REASON for the promulgation of the dogma of Papal Infallibility in ARSH 1870?” đź¤”

Just off the top of my head… maybe the Divine Providence in His Perfection provided for the promulgation of the dogma of Papal Infallibility in ARSH 1870 PRECISELY SO THAT THE WORLD COULD KNOW, FOR AN ABSOLUTE DOGMATIC CERTAINTY by simple observation, THAT BERGOGLIO ISN’T THE POPE, and THUS SOMETHING HAD TO BE TERRIBLY, TERRIBLY WRONG WITH THE EVENTS LEADING UP TO BERGOGLIO’S USURPATION.

Maybe if people would attack this controversy from the base assumption that GOD ALMIGHTY is THE PERFECT ONE as manifested in His Spotless and Indefectible Bride the Church, in His Angels, and in His Saints, and that THEY THEMSELVES are deeply fallible and so very capable of error, INSTEAD OF THE EXACT OPPOSITE,  there might be a bit more clarity of thought round about.

“…for men are not bound, or able to read hearts; but when they see that someone is a heretic by his external works, they judge him to be a heretic pure and simple, and condemn him as a heretic.”
-St. Robert Bellarmine, Doctor of the Church

Reiterating: Bergoglio isn’t an Antipope because he is a raging heretic / apostate.  He’s an Antipope because the current Pope Benedict XVI Ratzinger never lost the Petrine Office because he never legally resigned it.

Bergoglio’s heresy/apostasy is only a GINORMOUS VISIBLE RED FLAG that points BACKWARD to the root of the problem, which is Pope Benedict’s canonically invalid attempted partial resignation. It is of paramount importance to understand the logical procession in play.

Recognizing The Real is the duty of every human being, with Catholics first among them, because Our Lord Jesus Christ IS HIMSELF THE AUTHOR AND SUSTAINER OF REALITY, and we literally receive The Author and Sustainer of Reality’s physical substance- Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity- into our own bodies and souls.  When we receive Holy Communion, we receive REALITY HIMSELF.

Remember well, folks, ONLY THE REAL COUNTS.

Only The Real counts. Only The Real matters.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.