Bumped: Dr. Indiana Mazza-Jones’ upcoming summer semester course: “RadTrads of the Lost Ark” – a deep dive into all of the incredibly cool miraculous relics and events of the One True Faith. And no snakes. We promise.

All PayPal issues are resolved. Dr. Mazza sent confirmation emails to everyone enrolled so far yesterday. If you didn’t get one, you’re not enrolled. So do it now! This is going to be the funnest summer school EVER! -AB


Dr. Jones? No, Dr. Mazza!

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark, Dr. Mazza will uncover the truth and beauty of the most mysterious relics and places in Christian history. Join us every Thursday at 6pm PDT starting June 10th, for an epic twelve week journey including:

The Ark of the Covenant
The Holy Grail
The Holy Lance
The True Cross
The Holy Shroud of Turin
Eucharistic Miracles
Miracles and Cures of Lourdes
Tilma of Juan Diego (Our Lady of Guadalupe)
Liquefying Blood of San Gennaro
Stigmata of St. Padre Pio
Miracle of the Sun (Our Lady of Fatima)

Register by May 31st: Early Bird Rate of $250 ($275 thereafter)
(Every class session is recorded and available for review, and for those who miss the live class session)

Enroll Now!

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