Mailbag: THIS is why Barnhardt recommends Ivermectin – you can walk into a farm supply store and BUY IT. No messing around with medical Nazis putting you on an “infidel enemies of the revolution” list.

(Folks, if you think the Hippocratic Oath, much less HIPAA privacy, are still in any way extant in the medical industry, you’re living in a fantasy world. Nurse Claire and Dr. Beep are in a vanishingly minuscule minority among medical professionals who have not converted to the Covid religion – a religion which has made them into instant “clerics” and “prelates”.)

Subj: Be careful about asking for HCQ


A colleague of mine requested HCQ from his doctor and she told him “it would be unethical for me to prescribe that and I must note in your file that you asked me.”

I used the AFD website and was contacted by a doctor within hours. Cost: $90 for the consultation. I got a prescription for HCQ and something else for $70. Arrives tomorrow.

However, I was a little taken aback because the doc really pushed the “vaccines”. I was surprised given the Simone Gold videos on their website. When I inquired about Novavax (which is morally derived though not yet released) and J&J which is not gene therapy she just said theyre all good and to take the one “closest to your arm.”

Now, I’m worried I’ve identified myself as a “crazy anti-vaxxer”.


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