UPDATED: I cannot believe that I even have to say this, but…

…if a doughy middle-aged guy who is trying to look like Lord Sebastian Flyte’s gay American travel agent sidles up to you after Trad Mass and asks in mawkish tones if you would like a Tarot Card reading…




I don’t care if he drinks gin with the third cousin of the Fifth Viscount Ladyfingers. RUN AWAY. Sprint, even.

According to the formidable Dymphna, people are actually defending… occult divination by “amusing confirmed bachelors” – as long as they hang around TLM parishes now??


Fr. Z lays down the law:

Anyone who, knowing [Tarot Cards] to be a) forbidden by the Church for use and b) spiritually perilous, uses them anyway commits a mortal sin.   Anyone who, knowing their qualities, uses them and involves someone else, commits yet another terrible abusive sin by involving another.  Anyone who, aware of the Church’s teaching, etc., who uses them and is open about it or tries to get others to use them commits the additional sin of scandal, by inducing others to commit sins.

If you have any of these things,

▪ break them,

▪ burn them,

▪ put the pieces or ashes into running water.


GO TO CONFESSION and confess their use.  Make a good Holy Communion.   If strange things manifest themselves in your life, stick to the sacraments and good devotions and find a priest who can bless you and perhaps, if there are enough indications, use a minor exorcism.

And I would add, STEER WELL CLEAR OF THIS CHARLES COULOMBE warlock poofter. Blech.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.