The fake “vaccine” is: a means of tracking and economic control (no jab, no travel, no banking, no entrance to public spaces), a sterilant, a viral uptake supercharger, or all three

There is no pandemic, and there has been no excess death in ARSH 2020. All other causes of death, including heart disease, have fallen in EXACT proportion to so-called Covid deaths, with influenza being “miraculously” statistically eliminated. Anyone who dies that can po$$ib£y b€ called “Covid”, including totally fraudulently, are. This thing might literally not exist AT ALL other than totally normal circulating seasonal colds and flus.

The PCR tests are abject fraud, and everyone knows it. They are testing for nothing – pure kabuki theater, and money laundering.

Masks are a PURELY RELIGIOUS GARMENT of dehumanizing submission and terror, and for the weak-minded, a pagan talisman that they believe erects a magic force field around them.

All it is is the government media complex propagandizing the normal deaths of the elderly and infirm as a totally non-existent, pre-planned fictitious Coronavirus event.

And Folks, sodomite men, HIV+ or otherwise, have been dying of seasonal flus and respiratory viruses all along. It’s nothing new.

This explains how a “vaccine” can miraculously be found in a matter of months completely outside of ALL historic precedent … because THERE IS NO ACTUAL VACCINE FOR ANY REAL VIRAL THREAT. It’s all kabuki theater.

The vaccine is a ruse, a means to an end: totalitarianism, and swift massive population reduction via sterilization and/or viral “supercharging” as happened in Northern Italy in the cities of Bergamo and Brescia: Coronavirus uptake enhancement seeded into the ARSH 2019 influenza vaccine. Attempted Coronavirus vaccines have a long history of killing people.

Mandatory vaccine registration will be used to exert total economic control, eliminate cash, and control all movement. This COULD be done with a “vaccine” consisting of nothing but saline solution. But why would Bill Gates, Soros, the NewWorldOrder and the Antichurch pass up the opportunity to ALSO kill or sterilize at exactly the same time? Why not achieve both of their goals at once?

At this point, there are three categories of players in this crime against humanity:

1. Those who know that it is a hoax. Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Andrew Cuomo, Dick Levine, etc. Mass murderers, up there with Hitler, Stalin and Mao.

2. Those who stupidly thought that there was a viral pandemic and actively cooperated with Group 1 in the destruction of their own economies and nations, but are now too prideful and terrified to admit what they have done, since they too are guilty of capital crimes against humanity. Thus, unable to stop, they will keep pushing and pushing, and this will NEVER END without war or supernatural intervention.

3. Those who have adopted Covidism as their religion, and are now violent extremists with homicidal and suicidal zeal, exactly like jailhouse converts to the musloid political religion. Lenin called these people “useful idiots”. Those who survive this and are deprogrammed will carry guilt for the rest of their lives akin to the collective guilt that hangs over the German race to this day for the crimes against humanity carried out by the Nazi political religion. Many will ultimately cooperate in murder of those who do not join and submit to their religion of Covidism.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.