Best Video Summary of the Fraudulent PCR Tests I’ve Yet Seen.

There is no pandemic. There is only a totally normal seasonal cold/flu that has been used by Bill Gates and the Deep State/Media/NewWorldOrder/Antichurch to bring about near-instantaneous global CAPTIVITY, economic collapse, and totalitarianism under the guise of a “medically necessary temporary dictatorship.”

Remember, the primary objective of Gates, the NWO and the Antichurch is a 90% reduction in the human population within a few DECADES.  What they want is the islamic societal model: a super-rich micro-oligarchy with a destitute, low-IQ slave class below.  PUT. ON. YOUR. BURQA. And take your sterilant, ahem, I mean VACCINE shot.

Here is an EXCELLENT summary, in particular of the ABJECT FRAUD of the PCR tests and the resultant “cases”.  It’s ALL a conscious, premeditated lie.

Did you notice the Introit to the Mass the past two Sundays?  How could ALL Christians be simultaneously under a global CAPTIVITY?  Um, you’re LIVING IT, my dear.  Wow.  It’s like God is beating us over the head with experiences of Him that cause us to believe in Him.  

The Lord says: “I think thoughts of peace, and not of affliction. You shall call upon Me, and I will hear you; and I will bring back your captivity from all places.”

Introit of the Last Sunday After Pentecost, taken from Jeremiah 29: 11-12

Here is the 2:20 summary version, and below is the full 13:00 video.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.