“Cardinal” Wilton Gregory: Black, on the Down-Low, Dumb, Protege of a Known Satanist and an Arch-heretic. Perfect!

Wilton Gregory was a protege of the sodomite satanist Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, and Bernardin consecrated Gregory a Bishop at the age of THIRTY-FIVE on Halloween of ARSH 1983, and then kept him snuggled up VERY VERY close in Chicago.

Make absolutely no mistake. Putting this token imbecile heretic flaming sodomite with intimate connections to known satanists, in Washington D.C. (which Donna Guerl will still be totally running) is a giant spittle-flecked flailing scratch to the face by the Bergoglian sodo-coven.

And now uber-fag Wilton Gregory gets a “red hat”.

Nighty-night Baby Tobin is cursing racial quotas right about now, methinks.

Known satanist Joseph Bernardin consecrating Wilton Daniel Gregory a Bishop on Halloween of ARSH 1983

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.