This is what a mask-induced Staph infection untreated due to fear of going to the ER or doctor’s office looks like.

Over the transom, plus a VERY sound piece of advice, also over the transom.

Can you imagine the psychological state of a person who would let something progress to THIS without seeking help?

A staph infection need not get anywhere near this bad to colonize in the mouth, throat or bronchii, and BOOM! Pneumonia – and a perfect cover for murder by ventilator and the huge FedGov payout that comes with every “Covid” corpse.


Vis a vis masks and strep/ staph: The biggest thing you and your readers can do for themselves but especially for the elders is to “get religion” when it comes to oral hygiene.  Get your teeth cleaned if you need it and then be absolutely scrupulous about brushing after each meal, flossing and using a serious mouthwash (Listerine, not candy flavored). If you are caring for an elderly person, MAKE them clean their teeth or do it for them. Its basic, but lots of folks really let this go as they get old and it makes ALL the difference in likelihood of pneumonia from whatever source…

anyway… wishing you well.


Yup. I’ve been telling restaurant staff since the spring re-opening to buy Listerine and rinse two or three times per shift. The masks are a petri dish. Warm, moist, with lots of microscopic surface area, and constantly being touched with one’s hands. Bacterial paradise.
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