UPDATED: Crisis Magazine Censors Combox – Barnhardt Helpfully Reposts Censored Comment

Crisis Magazine published a piece this week titled, “More Than Ever, We Need Benedict XVI”.

Obviously, the combox began to fill with people making the point that the title of the piece demands: We need Pope Benedict BECAUSE HE IS THE VICAR OF CHRIST.

Of course, Crisis Magazine deleted these comments.  Because salaries must be kept, career paths maintained, social connections and the resulting cocktail party invites must keep coming. Even still.

Well, how about I just post one censored comment in particular?  This comment is excellent and hits all of the high points beautifully. I actually have more traffic than Crisis Magazine, so more people will end up seeing this now.  So… it works out well.

Folks, DO NOT fall for the gaslighting. LOTS of very smart, very good people see and acknowledge the Bergoglian Antipapacy. More and more, especially since Dr. Mazza’s thesis broke a few months ago, are fully on board. And do NOT fall for the lie that good faith questions about the IDENTITY of the Vicar of Christ has anything to do with schism. That is total nonsense, and the highest levels of the Church have given explicit assurances of this. Take my word for that.

And don’t fall into the heresy that “Vatican I was wrong”. Vatican I was an infallible ecumenical council that defined dogma. It is more and more clear with each passing day that the Divine Providence saw to it that the Dogma of Papal Infallibility was defined at Vatican I PRECISELY SO WE COULD SEE AND KNOW THAT BERGOGLIO IS AN ANTIPOPE.

God is infinite goodness, and He loves us infinitely, and His Providence and ordering of history proclaims His Loving Power and Care with even more clarity than the night sky proclaims His Glory.

(In the last window below, point 10 should read “Canons 332 and 188.”)

Pray for Pope Benedict XVI, the Papacy, and Holy Mother Church.

UPDATE: People are asking if the comment below was made or written by me. Absolutely not. The big hint there is that my name is Ann Barnhardt, not Alexandra K. I neither comment anonymously nor sock puppet. Ever.

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