It seems trivial to most people but… Trump’s marriage. It would be SO EASY….

So, Ivana (the first “wife” and mother of Don Jr., Eric and Ivanka) was already “divorced”, so invalid.  Then we have the fact that Trump has had a pre-nuptial agreement with every “marriage”, so that is an invalidation.

So, for Trump to be VALIDLY MARRIED to Melania, he would need to tear up his pre-nup with Melania, be confessed and received into the One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, and be married/sanated in the Church.

Folks, PRAY.

I’m hard pressed to think of anything that would be a more glorious testament to Our Lord, His Holy Church and THE SACRAMENT OF HOLY MATRIMONY than this, in these days.

I’ll say it again: Melania’s witness in all of this since day one has been nothing but edifying to Catholic women.  I hope I can meet her and shake her hand some day.  She has been put in one of the most difficult positions in recent history.  She literally COULD choose the path of sainthood like St. Monica, or any of the queen-saints of history.  How beautiful a testimony for a girl who chose scandalous modeling in her youth to become an exemplar – in beauty-  for women everywhere, much less to convert her husband.

I pray the Leonine Prayers after Mass for Trump and Melania, in addition to Pope Leo’s intention against the errors of Russia (Freemasonic-Marxism in every form).  Please join me.

For all of you converts who might be flinching, consider how IMPERFECT your own entrance into Holy Mother Church was.  And for you Cradle Catholics, consider Our Lord’s Mercy toward you in the confessional as you reverted.  Then and only then curse Melania and Trump as “irredeemable”.  We are ALL redeemed.  The question is, are we SAVED.  And the SALVATION is so, so, so easy in relative terms.  Because the “relative term” is Our Lord’s infinitely unjust torture, suffering and death.  The entire point of His Passion is that OUR path to salvation is so very, very, infinitely easy in comparison.



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