I’m going to call it: the FrancisSwishops will NEVER lift the Sunday Obligation dispensation. 3rd Commandment officially abrogated in the Antichurch.

The modus operandi of the infiltrators for going on a century now has been to grant some “temporary” dispensation, which has then not only never been rescinded, but allowed to become the “new order”.

All. According. To. Plan.

Guess what every Swishop on the planet will be forever too terrified at best, or gleeful at worst, to never, ever rescind?

Yup. The Sunday and Holy Day Obligation dispensation. AKA: the Third Commandment.

Let us revisit Fr. Linus Clovis’ searing and consoling explanation of the situation:

The anti-Gospel of the anti-Church is, in many cases, indistinguishable from secular ideology, which has overturned both the natural law and the Ten Commandments, the sources that, from time immemorial, have informed and protected man’s moral, spiritual and physical well-being….

Thus, Modernism, remaining within the Catholic Church, has metastasised into the anti-Church.

It is self-evident that the Catholic Church and the anti-Church currently co-exist in the same sacramental, liturgical and juridical space. The latter, having grown stronger, is now attempting to pass itself off as the true Church, all the better to induct, or coerce, the faithful into becoming adherents, promoters and defenders of a secular ideology (44).  Should the anti-Church succeed in commandeering all the space of the true Church, the rights of man will supplant the rights of God through the desecration of the sacraments, the sacrilege of the sanctuary, and the abuse of apostolic power.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.