Barnhardt Podcast #111 recorded. Still catching my breath. Epic…

SuperNerd is processing.  Mark Docherty is the emm-cee as SuperNerd still has his audio hardware deployed to do livestream Masses.

There was table pounding and I analogized myself to the “YES! PREACH BROTHER!” guys that stand behind Louie “Calypso” Farrakhan.  Mark went off. I stood and witnessed. Umm-hmm.  (See pic below.)

Joe Rogan just sold his podcast for $100 million.  So, it will begin to be awful and converged…. immediately. Sad – Rogan was intellectual quality. Another one bites the dust…

The Barnhardt Podcast remains wholly independent.  Warts and all, and Barnhardt is still in “knickers and gin” as the English saying goes.  (Especially gin.  Peter in Florence London Dry, specifically. I haven’t worn hose in ??? years.  Ew.)

Tee hee. Mark center in the spiffy Argento pinstripes.  I’m on the left, with the Schwinn Handlebars and rocking the Nork chapeau. 

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.