Q: Why are the cops almost unanimously going along with this? A: Because the sodomitical infiltration has NOT been limited to the Church

Are all cops sex perverts? Of course not, just as not all priests are sex perverts.

BUT, a helluva lot of them are, with the percentage increasing the higher up the ranks you go. Sex perverts have both been recruited to enter, AND Diabolical Narcissists descend with the passage of time into progressively more sick and depraved forms of sexual perversion, which explains why married men with children in their 50s who “appear normal” – terrifyingly normal, in fact – end up setting up dates with 14 year old boys asking to be sodomized by the child.

With cops, the narcissism tends to be somatic (revolving around the body), as evidenced by the prevalence of steroid use among law enforcement officers.

Behold, the terrifyingly normal-appearing police chief of Stow, Massachusetts. Busted by citizen activists, and he still hasn’t been arrested. He put himself on leave. How decent of him….

The infiltration of sex perverts in law enforcement, exactly as in the Church, sets up a massive culture of mutual blackmail, wherein the primary driver is not virtue or justice, but rather endless luciferian self-preservation maneuvering and manipulations between people who can both blackmail and be blackmailed; turning a blind eye as long as the other person is useful, AND turns a blind eye to you in return. In this paradigm, like in a septic tank, the shit floats to the top.

Remember, in hell there is no relationship. Demons work together in certain contexts, but they all hate each other, too. Just like human demoniacs. This is the major flaw in C.S. Lewis’ imagery in “The Screwtape Letters”.

The only way to get stormtroopers is through massive institutional corruption.

Source reportage here.


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