CoronaCold as perfect cover for murdering nursing home residents: Opioids plus Valium or Xanax yields respiratory failure.

Information that every person with loved ones in a nursing home of any kind should know.

A very easy way to murder a person is to overdose them on a combination of Valium or Xanax (both are forms of Benzodiazepine) and an opioid. This combination causes respiratory acidosis – simply put, respiratory failure.

We now know that ALL respiratory failure deaths are being coded as CoronaCold. So, CoronaCold is the perfect cover for murdering by Opioid-Xanax/Valium overdose as many elderly as possible. They die of respiratory acidosis, code it CoronaCold, collect government payment, cremate the body, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. There are no family members permitted around nursing homes – and many elderly in nursing homes have no family (that care about them) at all. The families of nursing home residents have been conditioned to believe that CoronaCold was a huge probability risk, so no one is suspicious, even if a huge number of people die in quick succession in the same facility.

This is a perfect set-up for mass murder by the chemical version of the-pillow-over-the-face.

Be very, very suspicious of any quick, mass deaths in nursing home facilities. Yes, CoronaCold gets after the elderly, but knowing what we know about the NewWorldOrder’s depopulation agenda AND their obvious lust for euthanasia, it would be negligence to NOT be on guard for such nefariousness, considering that the stage has been set to perfection to facilitate it.

Knowing what we know about the satanic NHS in the UK (remember Alfie Evans?) who are literally murderers, I would be surprised if they aren’t already murdering people like this.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.