Easter Monday Blessings and an Important Word to My Donors

Remember folks, Easter is an Octave, and beyond that, Eastertide lasts until the Great Feast of Pentecost, so… HAPPY EASTER! Christ is truly risen, alleluia!!

I want to take this opportunity to address my donors.

Folks, if you are now in any sort of financial stress, and find yourself needing every dollar you can muster, and you have a recurring donation to me set up through ContinueToGive.com, please, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE to suspend or cancel that recurring donation. If you need to suspend or cancel a recurring donation, you will need to login to your ContinueToGive profile from the donation page, and then cancel your recurring donation.  I understand totally, and will not be in any way “hurt” or “offended” when I see recurring donation cancellation notices come.  I UNDERSTAND.  IT’S OKAY.  This is a grave emergency situation, and you have to be responsible and do the prudent thing when situations like this arise.  Donations to something as trivial as this website/podcast must be put on hold if that money is needed for rent/mortgage, payroll, food, electricity, gas, etc.

While we all want the maximum good to come from this, and we all shudder at the thought of going back to “drag queen story hour” daily life and the Bergoglian Antipapacy and Antichurch in full manifestation, I also pray that the truth about this crime against humanity and attempt at instituting the Mark of the Beast by Bill and Melinda Gates (TM) will continue to be exposed, and that the economy reopens.  I am completely abandoned to the Divine Providence, and have exactly ZERO worry.  My motto is, “Do the right thing, and God will provide.”  It would be categorical moral insanity for me to doubt this truth now, after, lo, these many years, and God’s unfailing provision for me.

Here is the first of Rembrandt’s two “Supper at Emmaus”.  I prefer the drama of this piece.  Note the disciple in the foreground shadow who has fallen out of his chair and is on his knees bowing to Our Lord, who has just revealed Himself in the Eucharist, and is about to disappear in His corporeal form.  The woman in the kitchen is going to walk out with a plate of something in a few seconds and say, “Where’d He go?” And the men are going to point at the Consecrated Host and say, “He’s RIGHT THERE!”

Supper at Emmaus, Rembrandt, ARSH 1629

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.