If you happen to have seven hours free and are looking for something to pass the time….

If you happen to have seven hours free over the next few days-weeks-months and are looking for something to pass the time, I do have four hours of video exposition on the logical, legal  (canonical) case why it is, exactly, that Jorge “Francis” Bergoglio is an Antipope – long-short, Pope Benedict’s attempted resignation in February of ARSH 2013 was illegal twelve ways from Sunday.  If you want THE WHOLE STORY, a very good start would be my two video presentations.  Part 2 does NOT repeat much of Part 1 at all.  It is a genuine expansion, which is why I did it. PLUS my nearly three hour economics video.

In my own defense, and to perhaps convince the hesitant to commit to FOUR HOURS of LECTURE on anything, I am a really, really good lecturer.  I always have been.  In my former life (which seems, simultaneously to be both “just yesterday” and “a lifetime ago”) I taught cattle marketing schools.  My client-students sat through sixteen hours of just me, lecturing, their only respite being the silences for them to work through mathematical problem sets, over two days.  But the “school” as we called it, opened with a non-stop five hour lecture.  One of the nicest compliments I ever received was from a man, in his sixties, who, upon my wrapping up the opening FIVE HOUR LECTURE said, in all sincerity – he wasn’t being a smart-aleck – “Oh no.  You’re done?  I’ve been sitting here all morning and couldn’t wait to hear what you were going to say next!”  Students NEVER slept in my schools.  You can’t sleep when you are sitting on the edge of your chair, leaning forward, and taking notes as best you can.

This is also why, SEVEN YEARS since I gave my last “live” cattle marketing school, the DVD version is still selling – not like the old days, but… still selling.  It is a combination of former students and word of mouth.

I have always remembered that, and have always built my formal presentations around that thought – if it isn’t genuinely interesting, it can probably be omitted.

SO.  Given that little self-plug:


And here is my presentation from November of ARSH 2012 titled “The Economy is About to Implode”.  The stuff that is happening now – black swan, negative interest rates, martial law, Sino-Russian ascendancy, abolition of cash… you name it.  It’s two hours and forty-five minutes long.  It’s ALL in there.  It is in eight parts, but they should link in succession.

Oh, and if that isn’t quite enough, here is the psycho-spiritual explanation of all of this: DIABOLICAL NARCISSISM.  Well over a million views worldwide on this one counting all of the mirrors.

As with everything I do, say and write: My God, my God, please let this help.  Even if it is just one person. Please. Please let me help.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.