4.4 Earthquake east of Rome

4.4 east of Rome.

Remember, the Pachamama dragon demon is invoked specifically to CAUSE earthquakes. Demons are real, folks.

I have long suspected that Rome should expect some sort of seismic or geological catastrophe. It is both prophesied, and, frankly, with all of the sodomitical sacrilege that has desecrated pretty much every church in Rome by now (the Sodomitical infiltration is beyond description) plus the open idolatry and public desecration of St. Peter’s (not to mention the fact that clerics, prelates, and Vatican Museum Tour Guides are using it as a bathhouse), it seems obtuse to think that this is just going to go on unfettered. And we all know that no one in the Church hierarchy is going to do ANYTHING about any of this.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.