Here is their plan to eliminate the Mass

They ALWAYS pre-announce their plans. Always.

Here is the algorithmic translation of an article from just this past June by the arch-heretic ex-priest Leonardo Boff, who was thrown out of the Franciscans, was sanctioned and denounced by Pope Benedict, who Boff now refers to as a “religious terrorist”, and whom Antipope Bergoglio just loves to bits, and whose reputation Antipope Bergoglio is seeking to “rehabilitate”.

Boff and his concubine.

Here is a recent article by Boff entitled “The Auspicious Meeting of Pachamama and Gaia”.

THIS article below by Boff is the satanic endgame to eliminate the Mass.

Remember folks, every word of this screed is totally false, including the words “and” and “the”. But this is the Freemasonic-Bergoglian-satanic agenda.

By: Leonardo Boff | Text in Spanish and Portuguese]

On 06/18/19, thinking of the Panamazonic Synod of October, we wrote about Pope Francis’ desire to order married, especially indigenous, priests to distant places in the Amazon. He will be an indigenous-style priest, surely, different from the traditional one.

In the places without the assistance of priests, there are coordinators of ecclesial grassroots communities that are already presiding over the Lord’s Supper celebrations. They are not ordained but no one will say that Christ is not there present in the Word, in the community and in his celebration. The issue is not only Catholic intraeclesial, it is also ecumenical. The Churches that came out of the Reformation celebrate in their communities the Lord’s Supper with unordered pastors. What is the value of these celebrations? Is Christ really present there under the species of bread and wine?

We will try to respond in both cases positively, based on a vast historical-theological documentation that cannot be adduced here, but found in the book Ecclesiogenesis: the reinvention of the Church , Editor Record 2008, p165-188.

The basic affirmation, defined by the Second Vatican Council, is: “The celebration of the Eucharistic Sacrifice is the center and summit of the whole life of the Christian community” ( Christus Dominus , n. 30). The faithful desire the Eucharist. Can they be denied for not having an ordained minister in their midst? Community coordinators do everything an ordained priest does, why can’t they consecrate? It would be normal for them to be ordained, but they are not because they are not celibate.

The rigorous investigation on the subject concluded that there have been two phases: in the first millennium of Christianity the basic law was “ who presides over the community, also presides over the Eucharist: it could be a bishop, a presbyter, a prophet, a doctor, a confessor and a simple coordinator ». It was unthinkable that a community would remain without a Eucharist because of the lack of a bishop or a priest. Then the community coordinator entered, as is the case in our communities. The link was the coordinator of the community and the celebration of the Eucharist.

In the second millennium there was a change. The disputes between the Imperium and the Priesthood displaced the issue of community in favor of the issue of sacred power. The Popes claimed sacred power over imperial power. This sacred power comes through the sacrament of Holy Orders. The link is now who has the sacred power and who does not have it. Only those who are ordained have the power to consecrate. The layman is excluded even as coordinator. Now what there is is the lay and priestly order.

With reference to the Eucharistic celebrations of the non-Roman-Catholic Christian Churches, we start from the fact that the Lord’s Supper is celebrated in them by the ministers accepted by the respective communities. The validity of this celebration does not come from the sacrament of the Order, via the imposition of the hands made by the bishop on the faithful layman, who then becomes a priest with the power to consecrate. For evangelicals, the power to celebrate derives from faith and fidelity to the apostolic doctrine about the presence of the Lord in the celebration of the Holy Supper. The same could be said of the celebrations in the basic ecclesial communities: the apostolic faith in the real presence of Christ in the bread and wine blessed by the coordinator or by a group of coordinators, would confer the power to consecrate. Christ would be present there.

Another pole of understanding is based on the value of baptism taken in its entirety. It is common doctrine that baptism is the gateway to all sacraments and would contain all others seminally. Through baptism, all the faithful participate in the only truly valid priesthood that is that of Christ. The sacrament of Holy Orders is not the sacrament of the bishop or priest. It is the sacrament of the Church as a community of the faithful. If someone is ordained in the sacrament of Holy Orders, it is for the service of the community, for their coordination and spiritual animation. There is no face to face: on the one hand the faithful, common priest, without any sacramental power and on the other the ordained priest with all powers. What exists is a community, all of it priestly and prophetic, that specifies the functions without one diminishing the others, one of consecrating and coordinating, another of interpreting the sacred texts, of taking responsibility for the songs, of visiting the sick, etc.

It is also a common doctrine that, after the priesthood of Christ, there cannot be any other priesthood in its own right. That is why it is Christ who consecrates. The priest does not consecrate. He has the power to represent , to make invisible Christ visible in the community. He does not replace Christ.

In a well organized community there is a priest or a pastor with this function. But when the community is lacking and without fault, the coordinator can assume this function of representing Christ. This situation is quite frequent today, hence the importance of recognizing the validity of the celebrations of pastors and lay coordinators.


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