TOTALLY NOT SHOCKED: “Shamanistic Experience” is code for “Being Stoned Out of My Mind”. Subtitle: The New Amazon Rite is going to be literally LIT, y’all!

Over the transom:


You have written before about your suspicions regarding the motives of those pushing CBD (marijuana). One of the many things that set off my alarm bells regarding the Jesuit Fernando Lopez was the photo of him drinking from a bowl, and his comments about a shamanistic religious experience. To my knowledge, shamanistic ceremonies always involve the use of drugs, such as ayahuasca. Oh, look, another black bowl:

I have been around long enough now to see cycles repeat. None of this is new, but people always think that they and their generation are the first to rediscover some “ancient wisdom.” I think it must appeal to our spiritual and intellectual pride. One big difference is modern technology, which spreads all of this like wildfire.

It is pretty evident that they are building a globalist anti-church with broad cultural appeal and something for everyone. The ayahuasca angle is important because I have noticed a resurgence of its use and advocacy for it in secular and new age circles. Two examples are Mike Cernovich and Alyse Parker (Raw Alignment). Both of these people have very large followings on social media, and wield a lot of influence. In other words, this false spirituality is going to appeal to many people, and in the spirit of “inclusiveness,” eternal truths will be watered down and reinterpreted to be repackaged for the anti-church.

Alyse Parker is also one among a number of influencers who tout the benefits of psilocybin (hallucinogenic mushrooms). All of this is incredibly dangerous.

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That ain’t Earl Grey, folks.

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