UPDATED: Yep, that’s the Bowl Fondler, doing a shamanic incantation on Bishop Krautler and Cardinal Hollerich

Over the transom-

Dear Ann,

I watched the Jesuit shaman video, and it was exactly as you said. The bishops looked quite cheerful, and didn’t mind at all. Or care.

What struck me, in addition, was how pathetic that little priest/shaman was. Smiling and rattling his rattle desperately, trying to get the attention of the two daddy figures. “Yes, they want me to be a shaman, so I’ll be a shaman, and now will they love me?” ….No.

It was absolutely pathetic from a human point of view, and diabolic from a spiritual one.

So the new generation is going to try to find God through drugs, again, and there’s not much point in telling them we tried it, and it didn’t work half a century ago. Which is just, since our generation was the first since the Renaissance to reject the generations before us, and refuse to listen to them. So in turn, we are silenced by the deafness of the young.

As always, thank you for everything you are doing. And I noticed that even Fr. Z allowed a “Benedict is the real pope” comment on his blog.


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