Mailbag: “You leave the guy off the rental application for a reason.”

Now, we all know that demons, as angelic beings, are sexless, neither male nor female, BUT, this is a good point, and well put:


Dear Ann,

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Hope all is well. [Yes, I’m just a young kid livin’ the dream. Thank you!]

I’ve been thinking analogically lately. [Oooh. Careful!]

Feminine principle – the Church the Bride 

Male principle – Christ the Groom

Feminine Principle – Pachamama

Male principle – ? [Antichrist, Satan…?]

Landlords know well that when a single woman with children applies by herself on a rental application, that doesn’t mean a man won’t be moving in eventually. 

You leave the guy off the rental application for a reason.


“Oh, it’s TOTALLY just me. The Babydaddy? Oh, he’s a Pink Dolphin. You know how they are. He’s long gone, I promise.”

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.