Nah… There’s No Evidence of Anything. Shut up, Stupid! You’re Ugly Too!!

Pregnant… like the Pachamama pregnant??

“The Papacy in Transition” Patrick Granfield, ARSH 1980, Doubleday, Page 72

(Link corrected!!)

And, just sayin’, Avery Cardinal Dulles, the Jesuit adult convert made a Cardinal without ever being made a bishop, was the SON of John Foster Dulles, as in father-of-the-UN John Foster Dulles; and NEPHEW of Allen Dulles, as in CIA director Allen Dulles.

It cracks me up that there is a full-blown legit conspiracy playing out in real time in broad daylight, and the tinfoil hat brigade and “rapture” charlatans are totally fixated on… NOT THIS.  It’s for the best. LOOK! Chemtrail!!!

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.