No Pachamamas seen, but this plant was “offered” and placed on the Altar. Cardinals gave Antipope Bergoglio an ultimatum?

(Many citations and updates about the Pachamama Demon plant offering at the top, HERE.  Be sure to read and share.)

This is my own screen cap from the Vatican video feed.

It sounds like a group of Cardinals stood up to Antipope Bergoglio. Via GloriaTV, quoting Damian Thompson:

“Thompson further learned that “many bishops, including some cardinals, will not feel able to attend the Synod’s closing Mass if the [Pachamama] statues are on display.”

Here is the world’s ugliest plant (correspondents have already likened it to a Venus Flytrap, and not the WKRP disc jockey) being presented by a young girl who we hope and pray isn’t Bishop Kräutler’s little concubine that he has been parading around Rome hand-in-hand with…

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