Antipope Bergoglio Drops a Book Explicitly Declaring Christ Dethroned as King of the Universe

Via the NonVeniPacemBlog, with all of the focus on the Pachamama demon idols going Splashamama, it was perhaps overlooked that Antipope Bergoglio released a new ghostwritten book on Thursday, which Vatican News (formerly Vatican Radio) lovingly wrote up.  The book is idolatrously titled, “Our Mother Earth: A Christian reading of the environmental challenge.”

In it, gleefully repeated by Vatican News, is this:

“It is therefore humanity’s destiny to determine the destiny of the universe”.

Today is the Solemnity of Jesus Christ, King of the Universe.  Do not think for ONE SECOND that any of this is a coincidence.  It isn’t. This is the planned declaration by Antipope Bergoglio (who ticks every box for being the False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist) and his satanic-Freemasonic cabal of the “dethroning of Christ” and the enthronement of MAN, with the Pachamama demon taking the place of the Blessed Virgin Mary as the “new Queen Mother”.  The thing is, Freemasonry is satanic.  The motif of man worshiping himself (man) as god is actually the con that Freemasonry runs in order to suck people in. Pachamama has no interest in sitting at anyone’s right hand.  This all is driving directly to satanism, which is what Freemasonry is – socially presentable satanism.

Remember, Lucifer wanted to fulfill the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Lucifer wanted to be the vector by which God Incarnated into the world.  This is why Satan hates the Blessed Virgin and is in a constant state of envy-driven enmity with her.  This is why the Pachamama, which is really just another guise of satan, is presented as “life-giving mother”.  This is all satan’s pathetic attempt to not just dethrone Christ, but to replace the Blessed Virgin Mary as well.

Remember this as you watch today’s events unfold in Rome.

O Jesus Christ, I acknowledge You as Universal King. All that has been made has been created for You. Exercise all Your rights over me. I renew my Baptismal Vows. I renounce Satan, his pomps and his works; I promise to live as a good Christian. And, in particular do I pledge myself to labor, to the best of my ability, for the triumph of the rights of God and of Your Church. Divine Heart of Jesus, to You do I offer my poor services, laboring that all hearts may acknowledge Your sacred kingship, and that thus the reign of Your peace be established throughout the whole universe. Amen.

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