Better that only a few Catholics should be left…

“Better that only a few Catholics should be left, staunch and sincere in their religion, than that they should, remaining many, desire as it were, to be in collusion with the Church’s enemies and in conformity with the open foes of our faith.”

            –St. Peter Canisius (ARSH 1521-1597)

Folks, barring Supernatural intervention, we’re going to eventually lose every square inch of real estate, and every government on earth will unanimously and erroneously recognize the Antichurch as the True Church when the decoupling happens, for a time.

Start mentally processing this now. Third Joyful Mystery: The Birth of Jesus. Fruit of the Mystery: The Spirit of Poverty.

Learn to be DETACHED from real estate, specifically.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.