Bergoglio Ain’t the Pope Proofset Number Eleventy Blazillion: Prayer Intentions of the Roman Pontiff

I was perusing Fr. Z’s post on the August 2nd Portiuncula Indulgence, which requires praying for the Pope’s intentions. I pray for Pope Benedict’s intentions with no problem.

Sadly, almost everyone today is under the mistaken impression or browbeaten/terrified into publicly confessing that Jorge “Francis” Bergoglio is the Pope (which he isn’t, and never has been, and never will be), and are thus VERY worried about praying for the evil, psychopathic, sex-pervert godfather and arch-heresiarch’s intentions, because all of Bergoglio’s intentions are glaringly evil.

Fr. Z helpfully posted what are taught as the five categories of the Holy Father’s intentions. Every point here is not merely inferred as being totally contrary to Antipope Bergoglio’s agenda, but Antipope Bergoglio has explicitly stated that his intentions are diametrically opposed to everything on this list.

“Prümmer says that the intentions of the Holy Father for which we are to pray have a tradition of five basic categories which were fixed:

1. Exaltatio S. Matris Ecclesiae (Triumph/elevation/stability/growth of Holy Mother Church)

2. Extirpatio haeresum (Extirpation/rooting out of heresies),

3. Propagatio fidei (Propagation/expansion/spreading of the Faith)

4. Conversio peccatorum (Conversion of sinners),

5. Pax inter principes christianos (Peace between christian rulers).”

Antipope Bergoglio openly professes a hatred of Triumph of the Church, a desire to destabilize the Church, and a hatred of proselytism, going so far as to call it “sinful”, and declared that God wills the existence of false religions as He wills the different races and the two sexes.

Antipope Bergoglio is an arch-heresiarch who promotes heretics and ruthlessly purges and suppresses orthodox Catholics.

Antipope Bergoglio not only has declared proselytism a sin, but wants the Church to learn from, adopt and teach paganism, islam, communism and Freemasonry.

Antipope Bergoglio has taught and declared “Magisterial” that God wants people to sin, continue sinning, and “likes people better” when they sin.

Antipope Bergoglio meddles and engages in shit-stirring among political leaders in the (formerly) Christian world, and grovels to violently anti-Christian regimes.

One-two-three-four-five. What EXACTLY is it going to take?

While Trad, Inc. (Last publicly available form 990 filing [ARSH 2017] showing $170k single household payout [husband $130k, wife $40k] on $203k in gross revenues, with only $23k in expenses, $12k of which appears to be rent paid to the same household? Seriously? 89.6% single household payout on gross revenues??) increases and escalates its war on the Papacy itself, now having declared war on Vatican 1, an infallible ecumenical council, because it declared the dogma of Papal Infallibility, which shoots down Trad Inc.’s apparently incredibly lucrative “Francis is Pope shut up stupid, I’m right to be tempted to apostasy, and everyone else should join me in losing my faith, and give me money for doing it, too! FiP 4-Eva!!” paradigm.

Meanwhile, the ONLY topic that is completely off-limits is NOT the rejection of the Papacy, infallible dogma, or even the swan dive into apostasy behind closed doors. No, the ONLY topic that is verboten is whether there just MIGHT have been something perhaps ever-so-slightly non-kosher about Pope Benedict’s attempted partial and possibly coerced “resignation” in February ARSH 2013.

THAT will not be tolerated. So shut up, stupid.

Won’t you make a generous tax-deductible donation to Trad. Inc’s 501(c)3 today… so they can make ends meet? Because they’re just BARELY, BARELY able to pay the bills, y’all.

(Which reminds me – thanks again to you all, as I was able to give my landlord three months (whew!!) rent in advance last week. He just about cried. At first he thought I was giving him notice that I was vacating. I assured him that I wasn’t. Just getting out in front of things. God bless you all. 😇🙏🏻)

Don’t forget the Portiuncula Indulgence tomorrow!!

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