Zuckerberg forming a de facto nation state; Mailbag

First, I think THIS WIRED PIECE argues well that Mark Zuckerberg is, in fact, attempting to form a de facto sovereign entity. The forthcoming Zuckerberg FB cryptocurrency is incredibly disturbing and dangerous. Even a failed FB “product” such as “Stories” had more users almost overnight than people who use the U.S. Dollar as their currency. Please, get off all social media, most urgently all Facebook properties, which Instagram is per the letter below:

Dear Ann,

I want to send you a note of thanks for everything you do but in particular, for your advice to get off social media. I got off Facebook long before you sounded that alarm: Facebook does nothing but breed narcissism, anger and stupidity. I never had a Twitter account, nor Myspace, nor Snapchat… The one I did hold on to was Instagram but I cut the cord last night. At first, Instagram seemed to be a harmless, visual site where I could see paintings and travel photos (I am a part-time painter when time permits). Over the course of not even a year though, the “ads” targeting me were increasingly aggressive and counter to the values I have. Likewise, those that “followed me” and I “followed” began to post narcissistic photos with captions which is basically why I left Facebook. The final straw though was this article that Canon212 posted yesterday  showing Zuckerberg on video bragging about how he blocked pro-life content in Ireland prior to the evil Irish election last year that legalized all forms of abortion. There is no way I am going to support in any way, anything tied to that wicked man (turns out he is an owner or part owner in Instagram). 

I have a lot fewer real friends than I used to and I am convinced the reason why is because of social media. So many people that I used to meet up with for dinner, drinks, whatnot – who live in the same town as I do – only communicate via text and social media. And these are people now in their 40s and 50s, not brain-dead millennials. No one seems to pick up the phone and call anymore and when I do run into someone on the street, I more and more hear “I’ll Instagram you” or “I’ll text you.” No. I’m not going to become a slave to that lifestyle. And (voluntary) slavery is exactly what social media quickly leads to. I am ashamed now to admit that the first thing I was doing every morning was looking at Instagram. No more.

Keep up the good fight. Everything you’re doing is much appreciated.


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