FLASH: 16:48 pm Eastern Daylight Time, Earthquakes Being Felt in Rome

More info as it comes in from Romans and as the quakes populate on the global seismic websites.


Magnitude 3.9 (revised down from 4.1)

only 14 km east of Rome – that is very much inside the “suburban” city. Epicenter the town of Colonna, Italy.

2 km deep (revised from 10km) – not very deep AT ALL.  Almost considered “surface”.  It was well-felt in Rome, described as being every bit as severe-feeling as the October 2016 Norcia quake, which was hundreds of kilometers away.  This was right beneath the city, and SHALLOW. Worst case scenario.

“It was very marked.”

“Under ten seconds.”  “My chair was shaking back and forth, and then I looked at my bookcase and it was too.”


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