June ARSH 2019 is Subscription Development Month – Consecrated to the Infant Jesus of Prague

You all know how I loathe this part of the “new normal” of my life.  I come from a background where you simply don’t talk about your own finances.  It just isn’t done.  However, being essentially unemployable, most especially in any formal media setting due to my forthrightness and “controversial” positions, despite the quality and size of the audience I can deliver, my main source of revenue is, sadly, my donation button. How I wish I could be a “tent maker”, or some such trade! Even janitorial work is nearly impossible as private-treaty work-for-cash becomes progressively more untenable. What this DOES provide me with, as we are seeing so clearly now, is a FREEDOM from any coercion and pressure. It is better to have a much smaller income and be free from coercion than to be a millionaire with a sword constantly hanging over one’s head.  I wouldn’t exchange that freedom for anything.  

But having said that, for this month of June ARSH 2019, I will have this post “stuck” to the top of the Barnhardt.biz blog homepage.

BE SURE TO SCROLL DOWN TO SEE ALL NEW CONTENT – and folks, there is going to be a LOT of new content this month, with many days having MULTIPLE posts.


And yes, my non-residential snail mail address is still the same:

Ann Barnhardt
6834 S. University Blvd.
Centennial, CO 80122

If you derive value from the writings in this space, the Barnhardt Podcast, or my video presentations, I sure wouldn’t mind a MODEST donation or subscription, and in fact would be so very grateful.  And for those of you who already are donors/subscribers, THANK YOU. I feel as though I don’t say, “THANK YOU” enough, and the reason is that every time one says THANK YOU, it comes off as a backhanded request for more money.  Just raising the issue seems to imply a “give me more” mentality.  And that makes my flesh crawl.  But, I have been encouraged to do this one month campaign, and then hopefully I can avoid this awkward subject for a good, long time.

This fundraising/subscription drive is consecrated to the Infant Jesus of Prague, who took care of my major estate liquidation in ARSH 2013.  In early ARSH 2013, I received a hate letter via email snarkily taunting me, “What are you going to do?  Ask Sweet Baby J to take care of you?”  And INSTANTLY I knew that that was EXACTLY what I was supposed to do.  And so, all financial matters have since been the particular domain of “Sweet Baby J” – the Infant Jesus of Prague.  I pray, as always, that I have “not too much, not too little”, with a nice savings to cover any emergencies, of which there have been two in the past six years.

I just received word yesterday – 31 May – that another priest has offered to commemorate the Barnhardt Benefactors and Supporters at Mass EVERY DAY, so, we are now up to TWO Barnhardt Benefactor Masses PER DAY, seven days per week.  Please pray for these priests, as they offer the Holy Sacrifice of Calvary for the salvation of your soul, and for all of your intentions.

May “Sweet Baby J” shower you all with His infinite love and mercy!

Infant Jesus of Prague, HAVE MERCY ON US!


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