An Allegory to Pray For: “When Joey left the dining room, not a Gallen boy was standing. He said, ‘This one’s for Holly,’ as he watched the last one fall.”

There’s someone for everyone, and Joey’s love was Holly
In her arms, he didn’t have to prove he was a man
One day while he was working, the Gallen boys came calling
They took turns at Holly, n’there was three of them

Joey opened up the door, and saw his Holly crying
The torn dress, the shattered look was more than he could stand
He reached above the fireplace, and took down his Daddy’s picture
As the tears fell on his Daddy’s face, he heard these words again


The Gallen boys just laughed at him when he walked into the dining room
One of them got up and met him halfway ‘cross the floor
When Joey turned around they said, “hey look, old yeller’s leaving”
But you could’ve heard a pin drop when Joey stopped and locked the door

Fifty years of crawling was bottled up inside him
He wasn’t holding nothin’ back, he let ’em have it all
When Joey left the dining room, not a Gallen boy was standing
He said, “this one’s for Holly,” as he watched the last one fall

“I promised you, Dad, not to do the things you’ve done
I walk away from trouble when I can
Now please don’t think I’m weak, I didn’t turn the other cheek
And Papa, I sure hope you understand
Sometimes you gotta fight when you’re a man”

Everyone considered him the coward of the county….


Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.