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A Donation Note Leads To An Important Precision

This note came attached to the establishment of a recurring donation/subscription.  It is a lovely note, and a great point of departure for several important concepts.  My insertions in red brackets, as is the established practice.

If I am lucky [Luck has nothing to do with it!] enough to make it to heaven you will merit greatly for it as well as for my family and those I convert [The Holy Ghost converts, but we understand what you mean]. We should be in your Mass intentions already but in case we are not, please add Son #1, Daughter #1, Daughter #2, Daughter #3, our miscarriages [SEE BELOW] and our yet to be born to your Mass intention list. My four year old knows to pray “for Ann Barnhardt, Supernerd and his wife and daughter… is his daughter still sick?” [Tiny Princess will always be “sick” while she lives here on earth, and there is no way to cure or undo her birth defects here on earth, but she does have better days and not-so-good days] every night. We are blessed in so many ways, including financially. If ever you are in need don’t hesitate to ask.

What a lovely note.  Thank you so much to this beautiful family for their extremely munificent recurring donation.  I am so grateful to all my benefactors and supporters, and only wish I could do more.  My dream is to someday, after the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the glorious restoration of Christendom, do what wealthy families and groups did before the Asteroid hit.  I would love to build and decorate a side altar in a chapel in a glorious church and have the Holy Sacrifice offered there daily for all my benefactors and supporters who donated to me in these years while I was/am “poor”.  But the kicker would be that I would set up multiple cameras and have this Mass live-streamed (and then available on demand for the rest of the day) so that everyone, all over the world, could watch it.  I would also have the Propers of the Mass placed as subtitles on the screen, with the entire text of the Mass – every word – below the video pane in Latin and the user’s chosen vernacular language in translation.  I would also add a daily short explanation of the day’s Mass or Saint.  Hopefully this would then augment the viewers’ assisting IN PERSON at their own local Mass that day. But it is also quite an experience to assist at a Mass that one KNOWS is being offered for one’s self.  Hardly anyone today gets to do that.  I got to do it once, and it was the single best thing that has happened to me since I moved to the Van Down By the River.  Hopefully I will be able to tell that story publicly someday, because it’s a duzy.

Now to the question of “praying for miscarried babies”.

This we cannot do, and hear me out.

FIRST:  Read my piece “THE ONE ABOUT… Why Aborted Babies Don’t Go To Heaven”.  The concepts overlap because both miscarried babies and aborted babies die in the womb without baptism.

Second: Babies who die unbaptized but are incapable of having personally committed any sin go to the Limbo of the Innocents.  This is a domain of “natural happiness”, but is outside the Beatific Vision.  They will never see God, but they are not in torment presumably because they are not AWARE of the fact that they are deprived of the Beatific Vision, which as we have discussed is actually the greatest torment of the damned – the knowledge that they could have seen God and been happy with Him forever, but never, ever will.

Third: ORIGINAL SIN is real, and a fact of human existence, and to deny this leads to damnation.  No human being, not even the Blessed Virgin, is ENTITLED to the Beatific Vision.  God owes nothing to anyone.  His death on the Cross is 100% gratuitous love.  There is not a whiff, shred or particle of “obligation” there.  It is pure love.  This includes babies, every one of which is conceived in a state of Original Sin.  Cuteness, cuddliness, tinyness – none of these things have anything to do with it, and are the sentimental cudgels of our highly feminized, anti-rational culture.

Fourth: Love is a derivative of, or proceeds out of logic/reason/reality.  Given this, God is STABLE, and thus we can know things about Him, and know that these things can never and will never change.  One of the things we can know, because He told us explicitly, is that we MUST be baptized in order to remove the stain of Original Sin and thus ever hope to someday enter into the Beatific Vision – that is, dwelling inside God, pondering Him and loving Him from the inside.  This STABILITY is yet another manifestation of God’s GOODNESS, and thus His love for us.  When people start denying this stability, and try to paint God as arbitrary or capricious, what quickly happens is that you end up with what we discussed in the “Aborted Babies” piece, that murdering an unborn child quickly becomes the ultimate act of “mercy”.

Fifth:  God is not a jerk and does not punish in eternal torment miscarried or murdered babies.  In fact, with regards to the miscarried babies, what we must realize is that in many cases, the miscarriage happened as part of the Divine Providence as the best possible outcome for the person.  We know this is a possibility because Our Lord said of Judas Iscariot that it would have been better for him to have NEVER BEEN BORN.  Not never conceived, but never been BORN.  This tells us that there is a domain for the unsaved but not guilty of personal sin (which means tiny children or the severely mentally retarded) that is NOT the fiery torments of hell.

Sixth:  To pray for unbaptized children is, therefore, a species of blasphemy because it denies Our Lord’s salvific work on the Cross, the need for Baptism, the Great Commission, the Dogmas of Original Sin AND the Immaculate Conception.  In other words, it utterly collapses the ENTIRE economy of salvation, and sows abject chaos.  Remember, chaos is OF THE DEVIL.  Stability and logical consistency are of God.  Just as God created the physical universe with stable laws, so too is the Divine Economy stable and reliable.  Antipope Bergoglio has already tried to sow instability, confusion and doubt into the sacrament of marriage, now causing countless people to suspect, fear or assume that their marriages might be invalid.  Now Antipope Bergoglio has gone after the sacrament of Baptism, by sowing confusion about its necessity by publicly praying at the graves of unbaptized infants.  What superficially appeared to be a “pious” and ”charitable” act was actually a satanic attack on Baptism, and thus humanity, and thus God Himself.

Seventh: While it is true that God is not limited by His own Sacraments, this can never be used as a way to DENY the Sacraments.  What this twisting immediately points toward is the heresy of universal salvation and religious indifferentism.  This then leads to total inversion, such as declaring proselytism (i.e. carrying out the Great Commission) to be sinful, and denying the existence of hell.

So you see, if we make a seemingly innocuous error in asking for prayers for miscarried children, we QUICKLY end up in heresies so vile that they can only be described as satanic.

Instead, we should thank God for all things in His Divine Providence, and thank Him for the comfort of knowing that those children who die unbaptized but without having committed a personal sin, while never achieving the Beatific Vision, will repose in natural happiness forever in the Limbo of the Innocents.  

How Good, Loving, Merciful, Just and Rational God is.  The depths of His Perfection are infinite.  Everything about Him makes sense and is satisfying and consoling… if we will just take the time to learn about Him.

I hope this helps.

Barnhardt Podcast #066: Supersonic Stealth Stream-of-Consciousness

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In this episode we discuss the Chinese Navy’s ability to project airpower from the sea and why SuperNerd isn’t impressed or concerned about their blue water force projection ability — yet. Also: are the F-35 and Ford Class carriers expensive but worthwhile upgrades or massive financial scams meant to give the illusion of stealthy capability or are they for real? We also touch on Purgatory and the need to pray for the souls of those who have gone before us in Grace but aren’t yet in heaven.

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Mailbag: What is the most hardcore way to say “Merry Christmas?”



What is the most hardcore, traditionalist way of saying “Merry Christmas” that you can think of? I’m thinking of the parallel to The Synaxis of the Chief of the Heavenly Hosts, Archangel Michael and the Other Heavenly Bodiless Powers: Archangels Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Selaphiel, Jehudiel, Barachiel, and Jeremiel” when referring to the feast of St. Michael the Archangel. Thanks.


Toxically Masculine Footsoldier of Christ


Dear TMFofC,

I would definitely go with:

Blessed Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ!”

That should get their attention. Remember that Advent is a penitential season for us, but I totally see your strategy here. We need to have something hardcore and truly virile to say in response to “Merry Christmas” and ESPECIALLY the odious “Happy Holidays” and “Season’s Greetings”.

Fast and pray-


Mailbag: Parishoner from Newton, MA Chimes In

Dear Miss Barnhardt:

I can attest that Mary Immaculate is the best full-service parish in the Commonwealth, and the pastor, Fr. Higgins, is the best priest in the Archdiocese of Boston, and they aren’t even close. Unfortunately, when you work with faculties from Cardinal Sean O’Malley, you are required to offer the Novus Ordo publicly to keep them. Father Higgins’ hands are literally tied by no fault of his own.
The Archdiocese of Boston is scandal-driven, and finances are no different. I wrote a letter to Father, dated Christ the King Sunday, as a supplied jurisdiction parishioner of his, quoting the applicable Canons about earmarking donations for a particular purpose, where the Cardinal cannot touch this money. However, the most recent financial report shows that the special collections for heating and AC bills were taxed like regular offertory, which triggered my letter. (No response as of this email.)
This is the same Archdiocese that doesn’t allow parishes to choose their own bank accounts, insurance companies, vendors, etc. Lay employees who work in parish rectories are considered Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston  employees.
This is also the same Archdiocese that doesn’t allow parish priests schedule weddings for qualified engaged couples without permission from the “Pastoral Center”, in direct violation of Canon Law. Most pre-Cana programs in the archdiocese of Boston are “Stormy Daniels” material. If anyone wants to marry here with the TLM and bypass…the only option is a visiting priest saying the Nuptial Mass in rented space.
Other than Mary Immaculate, the only other credible options for TLMs in MA are the Saint Benedict Center in Still River (Diocese of Worcester, my residential diocese, where I sometimes attend) or the SSPX mission in rented office space. (The FSSP are in Nashua, NH, and Providence, RI, whose Diocese under Bishop Tobin now has 3 Sunday TLMs.)
Please pray for this peasant. I’m the only Catholic remaining (and socially conservative) in my bloodline.

God Bless,


They’re Sweatin’ Alright: You Will Tithe In Non-Directed Federal Reserve Notes or Be Guilty of SIN!!!

Across the transom comes this photo of a parish bulletin from a parish in Boston – Newton, Mass to be precise.  In it, the “Lay Pastoral Associate” – whatever the hell THAT is – essentially tries to execute a mafia shake down of the parishioners who have clearly reduced their cash tithing now knowing that Cardinal Sean O’Malley and his chancery are up to their eyebrows in the sodo-clericalism and enabling and protecting of faggots and in massive financial corruption.

Didn’t you hear?  Guess who is now Chairman of Auntie Blanche McCarrick and Donna Wuerl’s $200,000,000 slush fund, “The Papal Foundation”?  Yep.  Bergoglian henchman Cardinal “Call Me Shawna” O’Malley.  Note that Donna Guerl is still very much on the board, and is probably still totally running the show.

The point is, the money men are now starting to sweat to the point that they are threatening parishioners and telling them that if they tithe in any form OTHER than non-directed Federal Reserve Notes (electronic preferred!), that they are committing sin. Oh, and read the last paragraph: this guy has the unmitigated gall to not only demand undirected FRNs, but that the money must be handed over JOYFULLY. Manipulative much, David?

Um, no.  Tithing can be done in many ways, including in kind, which means things like labor.  Cleaning, yard work, linen cleaning and ironing, silver polishing, etc. Also consider tithing by buying supplies for the parish, candles, flowers, sponsoring coffee and donut time, parish picnics and events, by buying meals, household supplies and toiletries for the priests, by putting gas in Father’s car, paying for oil changes, new tires and other upkeep on Father’s car, the list is pretty much endless.

Further, if one KNOWS that one’s cash tithes are going to the building up of the Antichurch, to fund a WAR AGAINST JESUS CHRIST AND HIS HOLY CHURCH BY MODERNISTS, and to the attached cult of sodomy as the Archdiocese of Boston is so massively infiltrated by, then the knowledge that you are handing these people completely fungible assets could TRULY “hinder the integrity of one’s worship”.

I am reminded of the grifter beggars that one sees, feigning starvation and total destitution, and when someone offers to buy them a sandwich, or some socks or some such, they refuse, demanding only CASH.  Why?  Because they want the money to buy alcohol and drugs.  They want that FUNGIBLE ASSET.  Then, if you don’t give them cash, they curse you.  Or, in this case, call you a sinner who in un generous towards God.  Whatever, David.

Finally, remember this: short of being arrested and frog marched in shackles to stand trial for RICO violations, the cutting off of the money IS ALL THESE BISHOPS AND THEIR TOADIES UNDERSTAND.  They don’t fear God, and many of them actively hate God.  You cannot appeal to morality, human decency, even shame to any of them.  

With regards to the parish priests, they aren’t guiltless in this either.  They have cowered in fear and WATCHED IN SILENCE while men they knew to be wildly corrupt, heretics and sex perverts have taken over and essentially leveled the institutional Church completely uncontested.  Our Lord called them “Faithless Hirelings”.  The only thing that will get these so-called “good priests” to FINALLY man-up and defend the sheep and fight back against the sodomite heretics and finally stand up for Jesus Christ and His Holy Church is, sadly, the same thing: cutting off the cash.

Pray for this parish.  By the looks of the parish website, it might be the best diocesan parish in the Boston area.  The Traditional Mass is offered there regularly.

We Perish! And Yet He Snoozeth on the Poop Deck

Matt 8:23-27
At that time, Jesus got into a boat, and His disciples followed Him. And behold, there arose a great storm on the sea, so that the boat was covered by the waves; but He was asleep. So they came and woke Him, saying, Lord, save us! we are perishing! But He said to them, Why are you fearful, O you of little faith? Then He arose and rebuked the wind and the sea, and there came a great calm. And the men marvelled, saying, What manner of Man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey Him?


The Poop is the raised deck or cabin in the stern (the hinder part) of a boat or ship.  That is where Our Lord was having His little snooze.  

The Bergoglian antipapacy is by far the worst tempest to ever toss the Barque of Peter.  The past heresies, especially those in the first thousand years of the Church, including Arianism, Donatism, Manichaeism, etc., were all – I can’t believe I’m typing this – SUBTLE compared to what is going on now.  What is going on now is new territory – the denial of the NATURAL LAW, which by definition human beings can easily know and understand even OUTSIDE THE CHURCH.  

All human cultures know and understand marriage.  All human cultures know that sodomy is wrong.  All human beings, including those who NEVER knew or know the Church will be judged on the Natural Law.  The pre-Columbian Amazon Basin dweller was/will be judged on the sin of Sodomy, because sodomy is known to every human being as grave sin through the Natural Law.

The Bergoglian antipapacy denies and seeks to destroy even these obvious truths, known to all through the Natural Law.

But, we must trust Our Lord, even though it seems that He is having a nap while this all goes on.  How can we be surprised by this?  How can our faith be shaken when there have been countless prophecies and apparitions of Our Lady warning of exactly these events, as it is now crystal clear?  Cardinal against Cardinal and bishop against bishop, mass apostasy, an antipope, confusion about who actually is the pope, a “destroyer pope”, the False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist and on and on.  La Salette, Akita, Fatima, St. Franics….

 And, as I and many others have said over and over again, how could we POSSIBLY expect God to continue to bless a culture that is the largest cult of child sacrifice, sodomy and theft ever seen in human history?  How could we expect God to turn a blind eye to the sacrilege and heresy that is endemic to almost every Novus Ordo Mass offered on the planet for the last 49 years – while the entire Church sat in the silence of complicity, more concerned with worldly approval than the Sacred, Wounded Heart of Our Blessed Lord, and His Mother?

So, yes, He is sleeping under the poop as the storm rages, but we must remember His admonition: Why are you fearful? have you not faith yet?

He will rise up, and He will say, “Peace, be still.”  And the Barque of Peter will be saved from these devils, and it will lower its nets and bring in a great harvest of souls.  We know this.  We CANNOT doubt this.  So, while I, in my weakness, like everyone else, keep thinking, “Please wake up, please wake up, we’re dying, we’re dying”, -these very words are in today’s Gospel and repeated again as nothing less than the antiphon of the Magnificat at Vespers:

Lord, save us: * we perish; give the word, O God, and let there be a great calm!

I am just going to go back to the poop deck and kneel down next to Him, stare at His Holy Face and keep whispering: Wake up, wake up. Save us. We are perishing.

And He will.

See you on the poop deck!

Wake up… wake up.

Another Old-School Financial Market Solution for After the Reset: Go Back to Eighths

(Great suggestion across the transom from a long-time reader.  Who remembers watching the CNBC ticker in the afternoons for the closing stock prices back before the innerwebz?  Remember the eighth and sixteenth quotes?)


You seem to keep a running list of financial market solutions/changes after some economic ‘reset’ (e.g., open outcry, mark to market, etc).  As a former NASDAQ market maker in the 90s, one of my solutions is to go back to increments of 1/8 for equity prices (or 1/16 for sufficiently low price stocks).  This would solve our seeming indifference to being sheared on trades by algos or banks by .05 or .01 or even thousandths of a dollar in some cases.  Being robbed by a more significant amount like an 12.5 cents would certainly make a buyer or seller of stock more likely to notice and resist. 

I look sentimentally back on the 1/8ths.  It was something that made Wall Street unique.  Remember asking what the market was and hearing “1/8 to 3/8, 400 by 200?”  

If you see merit in this small improvement please add it to your list.

God bless from a huge fan,

Polack in NY