Mailbag: Parishoner from Newton, MA Chimes In

Dear Miss Barnhardt:

I can attest that Mary Immaculate is the best full-service parish in the Commonwealth, and the pastor, Fr. Higgins, is the best priest in the Archdiocese of Boston, and they aren’t even close. Unfortunately, when you work with faculties from Cardinal Sean O’Malley, you are required to offer the Novus Ordo publicly to keep them. Father Higgins’ hands are literally tied by no fault of his own.
The Archdiocese of Boston is scandal-driven, and finances are no different. I wrote a letter to Father, dated Christ the King Sunday, as a supplied jurisdiction parishioner of his, quoting the applicable Canons about earmarking donations for a particular purpose, where the Cardinal cannot touch this money. However, the most recent financial report shows that the special collections for heating and AC bills were taxed like regular offertory, which triggered my letter. (No response as of this email.)
This is the same Archdiocese that doesn’t allow parishes to choose their own bank accounts, insurance companies, vendors, etc. Lay employees who work in parish rectories are considered Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston  employees.
This is also the same Archdiocese that doesn’t allow parish priests schedule weddings for qualified engaged couples without permission from the “Pastoral Center”, in direct violation of Canon Law. Most pre-Cana programs in the archdiocese of Boston are “Stormy Daniels” material. If anyone wants to marry here with the TLM and bypass…the only option is a visiting priest saying the Nuptial Mass in rented space.
Other than Mary Immaculate, the only other credible options for TLMs in MA are the Saint Benedict Center in Still River (Diocese of Worcester, my residential diocese, where I sometimes attend) or the SSPX mission in rented office space. (The FSSP are in Nashua, NH, and Providence, RI, whose Diocese under Bishop Tobin now has 3 Sunday TLMs.)
Please pray for this peasant. I’m the only Catholic remaining (and socially conservative) in my bloodline.

God Bless,

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