Mailbag: Letter from a Theology Masters Student

Dear Ann,

I actually came across your website a few years ago and I very enjoyed it then and came across it today as I was reading a comment you made somewhere regarding Tobin and the Italian actor. I chuckled at your clear wit and then I realized it was you and watched (for over two hours despite having to write an essay today that I’m on deadline for) and was glad that I did. Finally, the pieces began to come together and I started to feel whole again. I have begun a masters program in Theology and was becoming more and more upset by the awareness of these so-called “new canon lawyers” and their heretical takes on Church teaching.

Finally, your words have opened my heart to healing and restoration in Christ and can see Providence at work. Thank you for your courage. Thank you for the stay-puttednessand doing one more video. My gut meter is not wrong. You must be correct with the realization that Pope Benedict XVI is still Pope. How appreciative I was that you went through, laboriously, each important point as you did. I have learned a great deal today and am extremely grateful. I will pray also for you.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,


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