Big Things Are Happening!

Within hours of my mentioning in a post that I would like to eventually transcribe “The Bergoglian Antipapacy” video, a professional transcriptionist emailed and has already fully transcribed 34 minutes of the video.  What this will permit is the translating into French, Spanish and Italian so that all of the  good folks in those countries can have access.

I looked at the auto-generated YouTube captions in English (click on the little gear icon in the lower right of the window to turn on captions), and I have to say that the captions are more than 95% accurate.  The only flubs are on constructed words such as “Bergoglian” that the algorithms simply can’t make sense of yet.  This also proves another point that I have made about smartphones today.  I used the AMBIENT microphone on my phone to record the video. We tried using the mic on my earbuds, but the ambient mic’s quality was far better. The YouTube captions are 95% accurate.  This is why you NEVER, EVER take your phone into the confessional, and why it is NOT unreasonable to ask Father if he has a smartphone in the confessional, and if so, to please remove it.  The quality of the ambient microphone, coupled with the accuracy of transcription algorithms is STUNNING.

SuperNerd sent me this GIF, and I laughed for 30 minutes straight.  I think this is what the good trascriptionist must look like right about now…

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