Art Created By Homosexuals: A Tandem Post and Discussion at American Digest Blog

I am pleased to point one and all to a “tandem post” between and Gerard VanderLeun’s blog, .  This post and conversation came about a couple of days ago in a comment thread under a post GvL made of a Noel Coward song.  I actually linked to another Noel Coward song, “Let’s Don’t Be Beastly to the Germans” in the show notes of Barnhardt Podcast #051, and then GvL posted “What’s Going to happen to the children when there aren’t any more grown-ups?” – certainly an incredibly prescient question and diddy from some 60+ years ago.

I leave comments on blogs hardly ever, but I did leave a quick comment making the point that it is quite a commentary on today’s culture when a flamboyant sodomite – as Noel Coward was – displays the kind of virile moral leadership in calling out the descent of western culture that we can only FANTASIZE about today.  Put another way, things said by queeny, British fags of 60+ years ago are now so far to the “right” socially that they would be characterized by the howling moonbat SJW’s as “fascist” or “Nazi” or whatever the non-sensical pejorative du jour is.

This, in turn, spurred a conversation about homosexuals in art and how decent, moral people should relate to such.  The key question is this: Is it morally licit to consume art (music, painting, dance) that we know, after the fact, was made by sodomites?  My thesis is this:

Consuming art created by sodomites is permissible so long as the art in question does not have a “sodomite aesthetic”, and does not point to nor glorify sexual perversion. 

The Russian classical composer Tchaikovsky was a sodomite.  Is it okay to listen to his music?  Here is the Pas de Deux from the Nutcracker Ballet – one of my favorite pieces of Classical music. Does this have a sodomite aesthetic or glorify sexual perversion?  I would say no.

In the spirit of self-correction, the critique of Noel Coward that has to be made is that his entire persona, like that of Liberace or Elton John, was, as the Brits say, “camp”, that is, queeny.  Noel Coward inspired the chorus boys in the West End (London’s theater district, like Broadway in New York), to openly manifest as fags, which carried on through the years into the growing cancer of “poofterism” in British culture.  THAT is a problem.

You will see over on the AmericanDigest post that one of GvL’s readers is a male heterosexual professional classical musician who has worked for years in San Francisco, and thus has some insights to share, and that’s what really opened up the discussion.  As you will see, the readers shot down his premise that to “demand a life absolutely free of homosexuals, you will condemn yourself and your loved ones to a life without art.”  That is so very, very wrong.

I’ll leave the intro at that, and recommend you to click over to the post and thread to provide any thoughts and input.  I’ll will be adding additional points in the comment thread over there, too.  And I have plenty.

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