Perforated Eardrums, Volcanoes and Damn Dirty Apes

A.  I awoke Sunday morning with a tell-tale tickling sting in my throat, and immediately began countermeasures.  Then, on Monday night, something very odd happened.  The tickling sting migrated into my left ear.  I took a shower at 21:00, and began to feel pressure in my left Eustachian tube as goo moved into my ear. Unpleasant, but nothing out of the ordinary.  I prayed that my immune system and white blood cells be strengthened to aggressively knock down whatever this bug du jour was.  At 23:30 I awoke with significant hot, painful pressure in my left ear.  Great – an ear infection.  Memories of childhood.  Then at 23:45, something happened that has never happened to me before in all my years of childhood ear infections, allergies and sinus infections.  In two quite painful distinct events, about five minutes apart, my tympanic membrane perforated, and several milliliters of bloody, watery pus spilled out of my ear.  And then – total relief.  The only after-effect is a reduction in my high-frequency hearing in my left ear, which the internet says will take approximately six weeks to fully heal.  The actual moment of the perforation was painful, but pain puts hair on your chest, and I’ll take twenty seconds of pain over a sinus infection that drags out for weeks.  I find this to be absolutely fascinating, and admittedly, kinda cool.  Was this an answer to my prayer?  If so, I would like to publicly thank God for my perforated eardrum.  (And yes, it did occur to me that it COULD have been a leaking of cerebrospinal fluid, but the internet again assured me that this was a classic middle-ear infection event.  Albeit, the FASTEST middle ear infection event I’ve ever heard of.  Start-to-finish, call it 8 hours.  I’ll take it!

B.  I have been watching with keen interest the Hawaii volcano activity.  Long story short, the southeast side of the Island of Hawaii, dominated by the Kilauea volcano, has been steadily cracking open and spewing magma tens and sometimes hundreds of feet into the air, with the resulting rivers of lava consuming residential areas, and threatening a geothermal plant.  The size and duration of this activity is remarkable.  In reading around, I discovered that the Kilauea volcano, and really the entire Hawaiian Archipelago, is a series of mountain peaks JUST BARELY jutting out of the Pacific relative to their underwater size.  It would be as if Mt. Everest were submerged in the ocean, and only the top 4000 feet were above water.  Except the Hawaiian mountains are TALLER than Mt. Everest, being over 30,000 feet from peak to base underwater.  So, the fear is that, like Mt. St. Helen’s in ARSH 1980, the entire side of the Kilauea mountain, including the portion completely underwater, but still very much a mountain, could let go and collapse.  Estimates put the volume of such a landslide at nearly 1000 CUBIC KILOMETERS. That’s 240 cubic miles.  CUBIC.  Such a landslide would produce a tsunami with a 1000 foot surge in Hawaii, and would be over 100 feet by landfall on the west coast of North America.  Now, there is nothing anyone can do about any of this, but I find it interesting, and worth a mention.

C.  Thank goodness that the Tommy Robinson story in the U.K. has been picked up.  My contempt for the U.K. and her people is increasing parabolically. First Alfie, then Tommy Robinson, sentenced to de facto death in a shadow kangaroo trial for merely trying to protect the Brits from having their own daughters and sisters put into white sex slavery by musloids.  And then, top it off with this: apparently there was some sort of damn soccer game over the weekend, and the U.K. team (Liverpool – where Alfie was executed by the NHS) lost to same other damn team from some post-Christian cesspit.  Anyway, THIS – the losing of a soccer game – has the men of the U.K. weeping openly in the streets.  What a bunch of effeminate trash.  To any of my readers in the U.K. and Ireland, my serious advice to you is to shake the dust from your sandals and get the hell out of there.  That is no place for decent, civilized human beings.

I am reminded of a very wise quote that I added the last bit to:

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss current events; small minds discuss other people; the smallest minds discuss sports.

To wit:

D.  Speaking of Ireland, if you are in any way surprised by the vote to legalize child murder in Ireland, you have clearly never been around modern Irish people.  They are a stunningly low, foul-mouthed (the f-word is a verbal tick for them), intellectually incurious, undisciplined, crude people.  And the Church in Ireland is corrupt on par with South America.  In fact, it’s probably worse.  The only thing about the Irish abortion referendum is that 13% of the 20-30 year old voting block voted against the repeal.  I’m shocked there were that many.

E.  The Roseanne Barr quote about Valerie Jarrett?  It’s almost enough to make me a Roseanne fan.  Almost. Also, it’s funny because it’s true. #Zira

UPDATE: Roseanne’s show has been canceled.  I shall try not to sink beneath my own grief. #RootingForCasualties

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.