The Atom of Jesus-Host

I am just a speck of dust,
But I want to make my dwelling
In the shadow of the sanctuary
With the Prisoner of Love.
Ah! my soul longs for the Host,
I love Him and want nothing more.
It is the hidden God who attracts me.
I am the atom of Jesus….

I want to stay not knowing,
In forgetfulness of all created things,
And by my silence console
The Host of the sacred ciborium.
Oh! I would like to save souls,
And make elect from sinners.
Give the flames of an apostle
To your atom, sweet Jesus!….

If I am despised by the world,
If it considers me as nothing,
A divine peace floods me.
For I have the Host as my support.
When I draw near the ciborium,
All my sighs are heard…
To be nothing is my glory.
I am the atom of Jesus….

Sometimes when Heaven is overcast
And this atom cannot take flight,
It loves to hide in the shadow
And attach itself to the golden door.
The the Divine light,
Which makes all the elect rejoice,
Comes to earth to warm up
This poor atom of Jesus…

Under the warm rays of grace,
The atom sparkles.
When the light breeze passes by,
It gently sways…
Oh! what ineffable delight!
What favors has it not received?…
Right next to the Host slips
The poor atom of Jesus….

Pining away near the Host
In the tabernacle of love,
Thus my life will be spent
While waiting for the last day.
When our trials will be over,
Flying to the dwelling of the elect,
The atom of the Eucharist
Will shine near her Jesus!…

-St. Therese of Lisieux
English translation by Donald Kinney, OCD

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