The Legion of Christ is a Criminal Organization, therefore the death of Anthony Freeman in Rome MUST be Investigated

The Legion of Christ is a racketeering organization, founded by a drug-addled bisexual incestuous pedophile, using the Holy Catholic Church as its operational front.  Its entire reason for being was and is to amass POWER, money and sex for it’s upper echelon.  It is a sick cult, run by psychopaths desperate to convince themselves of their “elite” status and superiority, fueled by inveterate, facile, pathological lying, and illicit sex and sodomy. The Legion of Christ maintains cohesion at the highest levels only through a culture of blackmail and “mutually assured destruction”, wherein knowledge of the sexual abuse of minor children and seminarians is LEVERAGED WITHIN THE ORGANIZATION in an ongoing dance of “if you expose me, then I’ll expose you!”

Given this, the death of Anthony Freeman, a 29 year-old victim of the Legion cult, having been sent to Legion grooming schools for children and then on to seminary and the Legion’s university in Rome, CAN NOT be allowed to go uninvestigated.  Because the Legion of Christ is an evil, criminal organization with bribery, payola and sex trafficking of students and seminarians intrinsic to it – its so-called “education facilities” serving as sexual smorgasbords for its upper-level clerical mafiosi – prudence DEMANDS that Anthony Freeman’s death be fully explained.  If he died of a congenital heart defect, or an aneurysm, then we can all breathe a sigh of sad relief.  BUT, given the circumstances, it would be ridiculous to not assume that foul-play is possible.

Now a word about Anthony Freeman himself.  I took a look at his YouTube channel, and no, Anthony Freeman did not have a large social media presence.  He made very banal and juvenile videos that had, before his death, just a couple hundred views each – friends and family, in other words.

Furthermore, if one watches Anthony Freeman’s videos, all kinds of red flags go up.  First, he had an effeminate affectation.  That can’t be denied.  Now, was this merely a function of the Millenial generation considering all masculinity “toxic”, and thus males below a certain age in today’s culture tend to speak and comport themselves like young girls?  Listen for the feminine vocal tone, and the maddening affectation of the uphill inflection, wherein every sentence is intoned as a question. Red flag.

Second, listen to the frequency of Freeman’s use of first person singular pronouns.  I, me, my. Another red flag.

Worse, listen to Anthony Freeman’s own words in this video titled, “Simple Experience of My Vocation”:

“When I was younger, I always wanted to be like the superhero in the movies, or the sports star on TV, or I just wanted to be like the other kid in my class. I always dreamt about being someone else, and I was never happy with who I was….”

Folks, if you have done even the slightest bit of research on the pathology of sexual perversion, specifically same-sex perverted attraction, then you know that the quote above is pretty much a textbook recitation of the cause of the onset of perverse sexual attractions, namely same-sex attractions.  Narcissism, insecurity, incessant naval gazing turns into constantly comparing the self to peers.  This obsessive envy and comparison turns into self-loathing, which eventually becomes eroticized. Sexual congress with those of the same sex becomes a completely self-centered attempt to possess and acquire the traits of the other.

Anthony Freeman, by any honest reckoning, threw up multiple red flags, perhaps the biggest of which was his involvement in the transparently obvious Legion of Christ racketeering sex cult itself, which is utterly riddled with sodomites trolling for vulnerable and/or pre-groomed young men and boys, as well as with psychopaths who are willing to leverage their knowledge of the sexual abuse of young men in order to protect and enrich themselves within the Legion cult.  Prudence and justice demand that his death not pass with a mere shaking of the head and offering of a quick prayer.  If he was a victim of anything nefarious at any point at the hands of the wicked Legion of Christ cult, and if his death was anything other than a completely natural tragedy, then it needs to come to light.  Knowing how the evil Legion of Christ operates, most especially in Rome, it is far too easy to imagine envelopes filled with hundred euro bills being passed to medical examiners and police detectives.

Please pray for this young man’s soul, and for his family. And please pray that the Legion of Christ cult be permanently suppressed and erased from the face of the earth, and that all those involved in its criminal activities, past and present, be brought to justice.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.