Barnhardt Podcast #049: No Virginia, Dogs Don’t Go To Heaven

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Content Rating: PG-13 (topical material)

In this episode we discuss the glories of the 1570 (pre-1955) Holy Week Liturgies and curious timing of Bergoglio’s latest comments on hell which came at the very time we contemplate Christ’s conquest over sin and death: if there’s no hell for unsaved souls, why did Christ do what He did? And if soul annihilation is a thing then humans have no more dignity than an animal — which has massive logical and moral consequences (why not shoot up the YouTube HQ or a high school? the people there are just animals who need to be culled…) We also covered the recent revelations that child pornographers have exploited the BitCoin blockchain to share links to child pornography online and muse whether we’ll have to stoop to similar tactics to share information about the Faith at some point in the future as the Truths of Christ and His Church become too revolutionary to speak aloud.

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