Eerily Accurate… My SPLC “Women Against Islam” Hit List Entry

I hadn’t looked at this for a while.  I was struck by the accuracy of it given recent events.

Remember, the point of this project by the SPLC was to inspire musloids to attempt to intimidate (at bare minimum) the women on this list, presumably into spending crippling amounts of money on security, etc., or to inspire musloids to kill us, like they tried with Pam Geller.

Here is the text, with my notes:

Also, I remember thinking that the yellow highlights of this caricature look very much like a chapel veil, which is really cool, albeit totally, completely inadvertent by the artist who did it, obviously.

Ann Barnhardt

born 1976
Centennial, Colo.

Ann Barnhardt, a blogger and former commodities brokerage owner whose house was sold in 2013 to satisfy a federal tax lien [false, the selling price at public auction was exactly the balance on the mortgage – the IRS got NOTHING], is one of the most extreme Muslim-bashers in the United States [Aw, thank you!]. She refers to Muslims as “musloids,” [correct] says that Islam is a “seditious system working against every government” in the world that must be “exterminated,” [exactly correct] and once burned a Koran with a bacon bookmark [try FOURTEEN bacon bookmarks, Hon] for a YouTube video. In 2011, she said “the Muslim population is mentally and developmentally disabled on a mass scale,” [absolutely] describing it in the same essay as the only population that “is mentally and physically devolving.” But Barnhardt’s blind rage [righteous anger] isn’t only directed at Muslims. She says that beginning in 2008, when Barack Obama was elected, a “cold putsch” began that she predicts will lead to riots and civil war, [awkwaaaaard…] the importation of “millions of socialist Latin Americans,” [awkwaaaaaaaard…] and, ultimately, the Chinese Red Army landing in America. [Still think this will be the inevitable result…] She urges people to buy long guns [YES!] because “THERE WILL BE MASS RAPES when the inner city hip-hop contingent can no longer be contained by standard law enforcement.” [Yep.] And she opposes women’s suffrage, saying that it “effectively castrated” men and wrecked the family. [DAMN STRAIGHT.] She once described herself as “a buzzsaw crossed with a blowtorch,” and about that, at least, she is surely right. [Troof is troof, yo.]


This is the pic the artist used for the caricature, which is funny because I think this is one of the most flattering pictures of me out there.  He clearly just replaced the mouth from a smile to whatever the pursed-lip thing is called, and made the eyes look sad. It coulda been worse! He made Ann Coulter look like the Cryptkeeper.


Ho ho ho.  And look what I just found:

Trump lambasted Geller for “insulting everyone” in the wake of the shooting at her event.

I had forgotten about that.  But then, two years ago I didn’t give Trump much thought either way.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.