Barnhardt Podcast #020: One Hour War College: Charlottesville, Kayfabe and Schizophrenics in the Foxhole

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In this episode we discuss the events of the last week in Charlottesville, Virginia, and whether this is the opening round of the Great American Civil War: a war that will be fought without defined battle lines everywhere throughout the united States — and beyond? — and could be the opening act for the End Times.

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Dear Ann,

Outstanding, thank you.

I want to bring up a point for your edification. It may seem rather
obvious, but it is an important insight into humanity. Even though
nothing contained in this podcast was new to me, such clear
elucidation helps a person internalize the situation, if that’s the
right phrase, thereby sharpening zeal, resolve and bearing. Those
three things, related but distinct, will be the key to how this all
plays out.

It would be tempting to compare it to the way a rousing speech can get
a crowd going, but this isn’t a great example, because the crowd
itself is an operator. A more proper comparison would be when a
person, with prayerful disposition and good intent, reads Pius X, Leo
XIII, or as you just did, Benedict XV: It makes you want stand up and
point to the source and scream, “THIS! THIS IS EXACTLY CORRECT.” And
of course, to want to share the reality with others. The physical act
of reading/hearing the words of a forceful argument, even when they
merely confirm what you already know to be true, transmits directly to
interior and exterior action.

I know sometimes it feels you’re banging your head against the wall,
but you must never stop. Keep saying it over and over and over.

Thank you,

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