Barnhardt Podcast #021: Total Eclipse of the Truth

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In this episode we discuss the gangster-like tactics of groups like the American Defamation League, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and ProPublica and explain how it will be groups like this who will be compiling the hit-lists of conservatives for the Alt-Left and musloids to “take care of.” We also review the situation of the two bishops in white in Rome and what it would take to clear up the question of who the Pope is… and also why clearing up that question is only the beginning of cleaning up the current mess.

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Timestamp Outline:

00:00 Intro, SPLC threats against The Remnant Newspaper, targeting for ruination of all people who do not subscribe to Soros/Bergoglio/SJW/NWO agenda.
04:50 Today’s leftists are direct analogues to, if not worse than French Revolutionaries who executed a genocide in the Vendee.
07:24 Vulnerability and ideological dynamics in PayPal and other “Palo Alto” corporate cults, banks, etc.
10:00 Keep your eye on Zuckerberg as possible Antichrist, if there are in fact the End Times.
12:45 Understanding the enemy’s desire to break people financially through litigation
19:47 Institutional agent provocateurs
23:30 Contra-education as first line of attack
27:16 Stepping through the logical progression of what happens if and when either Pope Benedict XVI gloriously reigning dies, or Antipope Bergoglio dies, or Antipope Bergoglio “resigns”
46:11 So long as Bergoglian Antipapcy is falsely acknowledged, it will continue to be satan’s tool to destroy souls.
49:25 Pope Benedict XVI and the heresy of Quietism
56:36 What if Antipope Bergoglio “resigns”?
59:02 The only path forward in the Truth and the Whole Truth.  Partial Truth is NOT good enough. Declare Bergoglio Antipope, eject and nullify, and then WAIT FOR RATZINGER TO DIE.
01:03:08 Is PARTIAL truth now ok? When exactly did it become so?
01:05:10 What should the prayer intention be? If you genuinely care about Joseph Ratzinger and Jorge Bergoglio, how can you not pray full application of justice in the fullness of truth?
01:07:00 The Blessed Virgin is the Undoer of Knots, and she is so powerful that she could intercede and completely undo this knot such that both Ratzinger and Bergoglio repent and make it to the Beatific Vision.  The problem is that almost no one has the faith to ask her for this. They are only asking for her to partially undo the knot, which would still leave a knot.
01:11:00 Conclusion, announcements and acknowledgments

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