Just in case…

[NB: While the blog post below — from over two years ago — was in relation to something else, with the Great YouTube Purge about to begin it’s handy to remember and, perhaps, apply. –SN]

As you might have noticed, the video of episode #007 of the Barnhardt Podcast was pulled because YouTube deemed it to be “hate speech.” Ann will be writing more about that but in the mean time if you would like to download all of the videos on Ann’s YouTube channel, here are the steps.

Warning: these steps are not for casual computer users; you need to be somewhat nerdy to pull off the following and I’m afraid neither Ann nor I can provide technical support. We only need a handful of folks to do the following, not everyone who follows her blog.

  1. Install youtube-dl (on Windows use Chocolatey; on macOS use Homebrew; on Linux–if you’re using Linux you already know)
  2. Install ffmpeg (again: Chocolatey, Brew, or your own cleverness depending on your O/S)
  3. Copy and paste the following text into your terminal of choice and grab some popcorn… this will take a little while (Windows: PowerShell; macOS: Terminal; Linux: depends on your religion/distro of choice):
    youtube-dl https://www.youtube.com/user/AnnBarnhardt/videos
  4. Send and email to [email protected] with the text “Youtube Channel Backed Up” in the subject line so we have a rolodex of folks to contact in case we need to rebuild the content of the YouTube channel at some point.
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