Why America Is Well and Truly Screwed. God Shed His Grace? I Think Not.

From a comment thread on my “Cut the Crap. Islam Must Be Exterminated…” piece, syndicated elsewhere:

The irony of dismissing their pedo moon god and demanding that he be superseded by her dead man on a stick and his mother, is lost on her.

Its a joke don’t get your rosary in a knot.

I agree…in part. Islam has to go. But I imagine is Miss. Barnhardt had her way we would all be forced at gun point to bow down to her little imaginary friend. No thanks to her. No thanks to Muhammed.

Tell me again how much God lurvs ‘Murcia and He will totes save its sorry ass.  Go ahead.  I’m all ears.

THIS is why “the mother of the the dead man on a stick” – remember that – asked for penance at Fatima, and so very little as the First Five Saturdays devotion. This is what is meant by “reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary”. If you ever wondered, look no further.

And pray for these poor, poor people.  If you don’t no one else will.  Consider that. And this is why I would like to organize a DAILY Requiem Mass for all of the people who die the day before – so people like the men who wrote the comments above at the very least have ONE Requiem said for them as they face in ultimate judgment the selfsame Love that died in agony for them, personally.

In case anyone, including any people who are addicted to pornography and fornication, would like to review who “the Dead Man on a Stick” is, and how much He loves them, a short explanation is HERE. Also, take this moment to reflect on the fact that Our Lord loves these men who utterly reject Him and blaspheme Him every bit as much as He loves us, and maybe more.  We aren’t any “higher” than these men, and might very well have been created to be lower in heaven than they. Lucifer himself was the highest-ranking, most exquisite angelic being God created, after all. Our Lord’s Heart BURNS with love for these men just as much as those of us who go to daily Trid Mass, etc.  Never forget that.

Here is a helpful visual reminder of what Perfect Love, Truth, Mercy, Justice and Beauty gratuitously did to redeem Grenadier1, Amp, Ann Barnhardt, and all of Ann Barnhardt’s enemies. Please pray to the Dead Man on a Stick to have mercy on us.


Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.