Hey, Too Bad No One Saw This Obamacare Implosion Coming. Oh, wait….

Obamacare was specifically, consciously designed to hyper-inflate insurance premiums and healthcare costs, implode the system, and thus give the oligarchy an excuse to nationalize the entire healthcare industry.  Anyone with even the slightest comprehension of markets and risk pooling saw this coming years ago. And if we assume that the Insurance Companies themselves have a basic grasp of the concept of insurance, they knew too.  Which points to the obvious question, how much were the insurance industry oligarchs paid to consciously execute and oversee the auto destruction of their own industry, and what sort of power and money have they been promised in the nationalized, single-payer system?

If you want to hear the truth about insurance, here is me explaining today’s current events IN CONTEXT, five years ago, and what will need to be done after the war.

Forgive the flag.

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