Notes on franciSEXhortation, "The Exuberance of Sodomy"

First, it has been a pleasant surprise to see how many people have come out and torn to shreds this evil, satanic document.  If you have kept an eye on the “Trad-Catholic Drudge Report”, PEWSITTER.COM  , over the past week, you know just how much has been written about the raging heresy throughout the document.

Second, with regards to Cardinal Burke, yeah, I never really had any hope that he would do anything.  He is a weak man, and even now, after being demoted in the prime of his career from being the equivalent of the Chief Justice of the Vatican Supreme Court to being nothing more than a mascot for a charity, he is still a “company man” to the core, apparently quaking with fear that he will somehow lose more human respect – human respect of Freemasonic Marxist faggots.  There is nothing more sick to behold than men groveling to faggots.

Third, just as a note regarding the Latin title,which is clearly, obviously a double entendre, I just want to point out that the document does not exist in Latin.  It was released in seven languages, and Latin was not one of them.  So… why give it a Latin title if the text does not even exist in Latin, a language which, remember, all of the infiltrators loathe and despise?  Because, as I explained, the double entendre only works in Latin.

Now, just a few quick notes by paragraph.  This isn’t even close to exhaustive.  I just want to jot a few things down for the record.

Paragraph 36: Francis and his fags take down both Humanae Vitae and John Paul II with the opening words of paragraph 36, “We also need to be humble and realistic…”, which, of course, communicates to the world that Humanae Vitae, JPII, and the entire Church for the past 2000 years has been neither humble nor realistic.

REMEMBER:  Francis HATES John Paul II because John Paul II was, in fact, one of the great forces against Marxism, with Reagan and Thatcher.  Bergoglio is a hard-core Marxist and admires not just the satanic Marxist political system, but even more so the tyrannical thugocracy of Marxist dictators.  Bergoglio ADMIRES the Castro brothers.  He ADMIRES Evo Morales.  He ADMIRES Obama.  I suppose it could be said that Bergoglio’s fantasy is to create himself the ultimate Marxist tyrant – a Marxist tyrant with SUPERNATURAL stature, by fundamentally transforming (by controlled autodestruction) The Church into a Marxist entity, with himself as the absolute monarch.

Paragraph 46: This odious screed says that the Roman Catholic Church needs to be providing “pastoral care” for musloids qua musloids, encouraging them and ratifying them in their “religious formation” and “spiritual richness of their rites and traditions.” At the same time that the Roman Catholic Church should be providing this formation in a satanic political system, teaching and encouraging musloids to purge their souls of every possible scrap of love, empathy and normal human affectation, and instead be lying, murdering sex pervert rage monsters hell-bent on global domination and the total extermination of all people who do not capitulate to their cult, at the same time Christians in musloid lands, being openly genocided, should STAY WHERE THEY ARE. Christians should stay, but musloids should be happily permitted to invade formerly Christian lands, such as Europe and North America.

And during World War II, the Allies should have encouraged the Germans to read and fully embrace Mein Kampf – and in the same breath told the Jews to stay in Frankfort.  (Hat tip Dorothy)

Yeah, Paragraph 46 is dripping with Religious Indifferentism, which is just the polite way to say what I have been saying for years: THEY DON’T ACTUALLY BELIEVE ANY OF THAT “BULLSHIT”.

Paragraph 302: If you sin MORE, to the point that your sin could be characterized as “habitual”, then your culpability is reduced.  And it actually says this, I kid you not: “Under certain circumstances people find it very difficult to act differently.” Well, no shit.  And then it goes into how “finding it hard to act differently” mitigates culpability.  So, once again supporting the proposition that Bergoglio is really just a Lutheran, this satanic SEXhortation encourages sin.

Interesting speculative aside: I will not be surprised if Bergoglio tries to do something to ratify and regularize Lutheranism.  I smell a HUGE rat with regards to Bergoglio’s overtures to the Society of St. Pius X (the SSPX), and wouldn’t be surprised if he is trying to establish some sort of “precedent” with the SSPX, and ultimately wants to regularize Lutheranism under the same guise.  The evil here would be unprecedented, because the SSPX is not only Catholic, but VERY Catholic (with some very unfortunate events, and dubious characters, in its past), and Lutheranism, as we have discussed before, is a truly sick heresy. I want the SSPX to be regularized very much, but Bergoglio’s oily overtures simply scream “AMBUSH!!”

Papagraph 311 states that adhering to anything as concrete denies God’s Omnipotence.  Um, so, let me get this straight.  If I believe that God is Omnipotent, I am denying His Omnipotence.  Do I have that about right?  If it weren’t for the fact that this is all so evil and that countless souls are being scandalized unto eternal damnation because of it, it would be funny.  But it isn’t.  If there is one thing these fricking fags are NOT, it is funny.

And then, of course, Paragraph 186 in which the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist is. once again, backhandedly denied, and “discerning the Body and Blood” means “giving free shit to poor people and agreeing with Bergoglio’s politics”.  If you don’t do that, then you shouldn’t partake of the symbolic snack/wine tasting, lest you bring judgment down upon yourself. But if Kevin is having buttsecks with his “stable partner” Kyle, because, you know, it is really hard to behave differently, and Kevin and Kyle do the buttsecks A LOT, so that it is habitual, then… COME ON DOWN! Because all the Kool Kidz know that “the law” is just a macro-level thought exercise, an “ideal”, but not “realistic” in “concrete situations”.  Besides, for Kevin and Kyle to NOT do the buttsex might prove detrimental to the lives of their pet children that they bought, er, excuse me, adopted.


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