On PayPal, Diet, and The TradCatholic Version of Drudge

Three quick things before I start writing on today’s franciSEXhortation, “The Exuberance of Sodomy”.  I already have EIGHT discrete topics on the hot mess.  It’s just awful.

  1.  I got two of these topics from Karl Denninger over at Market-Ticker.org today.  The first topic is PayPal.  I dropped PayPal in December of ARSH 2014 because the Eye Arrrgh Essss swept my account, but it is now clear that PayPal should be boycotted given PayPal’s cancellation of a 400 job service center in North Carolina because North Carolina passed legislation preventing Diabolical Narcissist Transvestite Sex Perverts who should be institutionalized for their own protection and the protection of society, and really any other kind of sex pervert, from going into bathrooms of the opposite sex and engaging in voyeurism and/or molestation. Further, PayPal happily does business with all of the musloid countries that behead indiscreet fags.  Remember: Man-on-Man and Man-on-Boy sodomy is ENDEMIC in musloid culture.  They’re all a bunch of fags – and so being the Diabolical Narcissists that they are, they will happily kill fags that cross them, or that they deem too “flaming”.  Just like the Nazis did.   For the record, I would deal with aberrosexuals via anti-obscenity laws. I wouldn’t make it a capital offense, but I would use a combination of imprisonment and expulsion/deportation against those who engage in obscene behavior in public and those who publish or distribute obscenity.  And understand, ALL aberrosexual behavior is obscene, because it points to sodomy.  Per my recent piece at The Remnant, the First Amendment is subject to The Natural and Divine Law under the Kingship of Jesus Christ – NOT the other way around.  What we are seeing now is the inevitable conclusion of reversing the hierarchy – the demand that you happily give up your children to be molested by faggots in bathrooms.  In a nation that acknowledges Jesus Christ as its Sovereign King, this problem simply could never exist.  Just sayin’.

Let me take this opportunity to plug, once again, the service that I am now using, ContinueToGive.com .  I looked into the other big name payment services, but almost all of them are heavily involved in online pornography.  ContinueToGive.com are Christian people, and I really like how their payment flow setup works.  Every day that there has been a donation or donations, the net amount (minus transaction fees) is ACHed into my bank account, and then I take it from there.  Rarely do I have more than $100.00 in my bank account.  I bank pretty much exclusively with First Bank of Mayonnaise Jar these days.

Guys, one thing I have always understood, but it has been absolutely pounded into me recently, is the importance of WHO WE ASSOCIATE WITH.  Effeminately turning a blind eye to diabolically evil people and organizations because it is convenient, or financially lucrative, or gets one invited to all the best parties with all of the cool kids is basically why this society is finished. In this day and age, if you are popular on the social scene, or your life is REALLY easy… examine your conscience.

2.  KD also had a fascinating post up showing the results of some bloodwork done on a vegetarian.  And it is UGLY.

Chiming in, I went low-carb on January 1 with the intention of staying that way through Easter, which I have done before over the years, and have resolved to maintain a low-carb diet indefinitely.  My regime is pretty much this: low carb throughout the week with a FULL FAST on Fridays, and then on Sunday, if I want, I can have carbs – usually a bit of pasta or something involving potatoes.  And, if I’m in the mood, beer.  I have started using Stevia as a sweetener in my coffee and tea, and I really like it.  It actually tastes like sugar.  It is by far the best-tasting sugar substitute I have yet come across.

Look, I’m no food Nazi, and I really have a problem with people who turn food into a substitute religion – which is what all of this is.  I also cannot stand people who pretend to have “allergies”, of which gluten is the big trendy one today.  I’m not allergic to anything.  I just know that given my level of physical activity, and my advancing age (I’ll be 40 this fall), and the actual, observationally and experimentally supported science, that I simply cannot eat carbs all day every day without getting fat, and maybe risking diabetes, which is present on both sides of my family.  I probably won’t survive the coming war to old age, but for now, I’m not in “this might be my last meal” mindset either.

One of my favorite dishes, which I eat multiple times per week, is BLT salad.  Dice tomatoes being sure to keep all of the juice.  Sprinkle the tomatoes with a bit of salt and Worcestershire sauce, which will macerate them even more. Add enough mayonnaise to create a “dressing”.  Add hot crumbled bacon to taste.  I like A LOT OF BACON.  To add bulk, toss with any sort of chopped greens – leaf lettuce is good, and baby spinach works especially well.  I never get tired of this.  It is filling and satisfying.  No need for any bread, potatoes or pasta.

3.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a website like The Drudge Report that aggregated and linked to all of the day’s must-read news stories and interesting blog posts – except everything was Catholic?

There is.  It is called PEWSITTER.COM .  It is run by a chap named Frank Walker and is generally updated twice per day.  It is exhaustive, and Mr. Walker does yeoman’s work providing this service.  Make it a top bookmark.

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