Here's a great example of FEDGOV propagandizing children from 35 years ago…

I watched 3-2-1 Contact religiously as a child.  It was a public television show produced by the same Commies who produced Sesame Street.  When I was in Kindergarten in 1982-83, we went every day for a half day, and I was in the afternoon class.  So, every morning before going to school, I would watch 3-2-1 Contact on Kansas City channel 19 from 10:00-10:30, and then switch over and watch the second half of The Price Is Right on Kansas City CBS channel 5 from 10:30-11:00.

I remember this 3-2-1 Contact vignette clearly, showing a pregnant woman having an ultrasound.

As I am continuing work on the Narcissism video (the videographer has been lined up, by the way.  It will be recorded week-after-next…), even I am stunned by the boldness of the agitprop here.  Start from the beginning, and the money quote begins at 1:45.  I’ll not spoil the surprise.

Remember, this show was 100% scripted, funded by the following rogues’ gallery and was pushed both on PBS and was shown in schools.  Schools were encouraged to use the new technology of VHS recording to record these childhood indoctrination programs off of the local PBS station and then show them as part of the school’s curriculum.

And it was “great”, because it was science, and it came from the government, and the government would NEVER try to manipulate the minds of your children.  I mean, come on.  This isn’t the Soviet Union, after all….

By the way, all of these commie PBS/Childrens’ Television Workshop programs were dubbed and rebroadcast all over the world.  And yes, both Andrew Mellon and Andrew Carnegie were Freemasons.

Funding for 3-2-1 Contact was provided by the following:

National Science Foundation (January 14, 1980 – November 18, 1988)
United States Department of Education (January 14, 1980 – November 18, 1988)
Corporation for Public Broadcasting (January 14, 1980 – November 18, 1988)
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (January 14, 1980 – November 18, 1988)
IBM Corporation (January 14, 1980 – November 18, 1988)
Carnegie Corporation of New York (October 31, 1983 – November 18, 1988)

Remember, the fun starts at the 1:45 mark.  And the woman is 38 weeks.  THIRTY. EIGHT. WEEKS.


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