Learning From the Demoniac Hate Mail

I received the hate mail below from a fairly obvious demoniac (I use the term for those who are under demonic oppression) recently, and I wanted to share it because it tips a bit of the Enemy’s hand.  Anything in my experience that I can share with you so that you know in advance what will eventually be coming your way as the collapse and descent into war progresses can only help you.  “Prepping” is not limited to the physical. Spiritual prepping is certainly of greater importance.

The key tactic contained in this letter is the attempt to cast the Christian’s right willingness to embrace suffering for the love of God as mental illness at best, or, at worst, as sexual perversion.  I remember well that the Hollywood establishment, the largest den of sex perverts ever seen, jeered and derided Mel Gibson’s “Passion of the Christ” movie in ARSH 2004 as a “snuff film”, and “sadomasochistic”.  Of course they did.

This will happen to you eventually if you embrace the cross that Our Lord has prepared for you. And we each have one, custom made. This will happen to you when the words, “Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends” become clear and present in your life.  And what you must absolutely brace yourself for, and what is generally not discussed in Sunday School, is the fact that it may well be that the very friends for whom you lay down your life will be the ones who lead the jeers and dismiss, deny and reject you as being mentally ill.




[email protected]
9:03 am (1 day ago)

to Ann

Subject: Figured out your open secret
You’re correct that the oligarchs and other fags are fucking things up.
But what you haven’t explicitly admitted is you luxuriate in it because you like self flagellation because you’re actually a sadomasochist “Catholic” that believes you and presumably everyone else “deserve” this fucked up universe and “deserve” for things to get worse.
In fact you don’t want to actually solve anything you want the fags (that includes the oligarchs) to “win” and will for sure like hell.
You’ll get off on demons shoving telephone poles in you every which way or something fucked up like that and be screaming “THANK YOU JESUS” or something the entire time.
You’re not unique in liking getting abused seriously there’s other “religious” and not religious people into that.
You want to fight not to win but to get slaughtered, I’m sorry I meant “martyred”.
Oh yeah god is the almighty fag Satan is just his gay tool.
I hate all stupid masochists and sadomasochist including you.
Hell will be Hell because it will mean I’m surround sadomasochist fags like you that I’m not allowed to drop a ton of brimstone on or something so I don’t have to listen to you enjoying being “tortured” by the stupid demons.
Maybe you’ll hook up with that fag “honestsportstalk
I’d totally just gload the putsch regime into killing me so I don’t have to put up with your stupidity but that would just mean I’d end up in hell sooner with all the gay fags including you.
Too bad god isn’t like the stupid architect in the Matrix, Neo should have just offed the architect when he had the chance, much like if god were like the architect I’d just bring a briefcase nuke to that meeting and tell em game over fag.
The only consolation prize here is I never gave you any money but not like it matters because the paper it’s printed on will be worth more soon anyway.
Hell for you would be one with no fags and were you were unable to self flagellate or maybe you’d like that too.
Too bad soul annihilation isn’t on the flip side guess that means an eternity to figure out how make it possible and crash the whole stupid gay pride parade.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.