Notes on Teh Cray-Cray

When one has a sizable web presence, one is confronted with multiple unpleasantries.  The first is the harm that scandal and hypocrisy does to souls, and the second is just how many people there are walking around unsupervised who are utterly detached from reality.  After the war, one of the paradigms that will have to be re-established is that of the insane asylum.  And oh, oh, how terrifying this question is, because as we all know, the number-one go-to excuse for mass murder and indefinite detention by tyrannical oligarchies is the accusation of “insanity”.

I am accused on a daily basis all over the innerwebz, and not infrequently to my face, of being crazy, insane, a loon, batshit, you name it.  If it weren’t for my tax strike and open denial of the legitimacy of the Washington DC regime (what they would erroneously call sedition), I would expect to be imprisoned initially under some sort of accusation of psychiatric illness, because there is nothing easier to falsely convict someone of than that.  Think about it.  How does anyone prove that they are not crazy?  Our Lord was constantly accused of being either crazy or demonically possessed.  How can we not expect the same, especially after the events of the last 100 years wherein tens of millions of people were executed by their Marxist-Communist government for being “mentally ill”?

This conundrum is one of satan’s better chessboard maneuvers.  Western culture has convinced itself that no one should be institutionalized for any mental ailment, but rather medicated.  The problem is that the psychiatric medications, we now know, often do far more harm than good, and elicit or even create murderous, suicidal rage monster reactions.  Adam Lanza, the Giffords shooter, the Aurora movie theater shooter – all of these men should have been sent to insane asylums, and all of the signs were there.  Total detachment from reality.

I have multiple people who email me who are in this category, and I keep an eye on their emails just to be sure there are no suicide or murder rampage threats contained therein, but they pretty much have two things in common: they subscribe to all of the boilerplate whack job conspiracy theories, and they are all convinced that I am communicating with them personally, that they are engaged in an intimate personal relationship with me, and that I am destined to be their wife/girlfriend/sex slave/baby mama.  And we shall go to the secret underground lair and vanquish the shape-shifting lizard jooooz and their mind control chemicals together.

I have only involved law enforcement a scant handful of times because, sadly, we all know that a non-trivial percentage of law enforcement today are sub-100 IQ, steroided monsters who would be only too happy to go summarily execute people if they thought that there was zero risk to them.  One man’s family I was able to track down and contact, and they begged me to call the local police, as they knew the man (their father) had descended into madness, but they were unable to get a court to entertain any sort of competence hearing.  They thought that perhaps having a pile of his hand-written screeds in which he was announcing his intention to kidnap me and hold me as his “wife” and “mother of his children” in Central America in the hands of law enforcement might help them to get their father the round-the-clock care he needed.

This is where the whole notion of a wise, morally upright, honorable class of men within a society whose job it is to make these judgment calls becomes so critical.  Think about our culture of today.  Do you really trust the judiciary to be making these incredibly grave decisions the way that people trusted judges just 50 years ago?  The judiciary is every bit as corrupt and morally depraved as the rest of society.  Perhaps even more so, because remember, the vast, vast majority of judges are… lawyers.  Shudder.

Western culture is so far gone and “upside down” that the genuinely mentally ill are swept under the rug, treated as normal and entrusted with responsibilities that should be reserved exclusively for those who are firmly anchored to and operate exclusively within the confines of reality, and even made worse via medication, while very, very soon the sane remnant will have their property, livelihoods, and eventually their liberty taken under the accusation of “mental illness” with the full, enthusiastic cooperation of the very judiciary that is supposed to protect the sane and advocate compassionately for the insane.  The day is swiftly coming when refusing to not just tolerate but ratify sodomy, or refusing to accept the lie of global warming, will be grounds for being declared mentally incompetent and a danger to society.

As with the question of money, banking and finance, there is no external, structural solution to this problem.  The one and only solution is the repairing of the culture, and that has to be done one soul at a time.  So long as our culture is depraved and morally degenerated, it will fail to produce men of sufficient integrity and stature who are truly worthy of being entrusted with the custodianship of the genuinely mentally ill among us.

And remember, be very careful about whom you hurl the “crazy” pejorative at, especially in these dark days as the very word is being weaponized.  To be crazy is to be alone, and to remain alone.  Detachment from reality, irrationality, these things put a person in their own impenetrable faux-universe – completely cut off.  They can’t be reasoned with, because they do not share the common foundation of reality upon which to build coherent, lucid thought, and thus are incapable of any sort of genuine relationship with other men or with God.  The description has eerie similarities to the description of hell.  It is one thing to have disagreements.  Completely sane people disagree all of the time.  It is one thing to be in error.  Completely sane people commit errors all of the time.  But to be “crazy” – that is a declaration of complete severance, and should be reserved only for those sad, sad cases for which it is true.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.